Meet the Press

dog news reporter cartoonAs we are moving in the warmer months, I find myself wanting to be done with school.  We were going to work through most of the Summer, or all of it, to finish the books that we are on now.

Bubba is doing 4th grade Math now, and he’s in 3rd grade.  The Math curriculum we had was not complete, and we were working through it with just a teacher’s book and I was supplementing.

We were using Horizons Math for 3rd grade.  But he was starting learn things that his older sister hadn’t.  We had only begun.  So I was going through and picking and choosing what we learned throughout a week by what lesson we were on.  Not working for us.

So I decided to just get rid of that curriculum and start him on the 4th grade book.  He is happy about that, but his sister necessarily isn’t.  Too bad it’s not up to her.

He has started the 3rd grade English book now, but we don’t want to work with this all through Summer.  So I came up with a splendid idea.

Instead of working through the English book and having to do all of the lessons.  He is reading what he needs to know and most of the rest of learning English he will learn by doing our new project.

We are going to do a school newspaper!  It will be a great learning experience for both of the kids.

We started this week.  On Monday I introduced it to them and read them Make a Classroom Newspaper and they got to discuss it a little and gave them something to think about.

Tuesday they did a Newspaper Scavenger Hunt.  I think they enjoyed that one.

Today I had them write down what was on this worksheet in their notebooks.  They had to go back to the newspaper that I bought them and choose a current event article.  The rules were listed in this pdf.  I only use what I like and don’t use the rest, so we are not doing this assignment the same as is written.  They will work on this for the rest of the week, and present their articles on Monday orally.

Tomorrow we will read How to Conduct an Interview found on Scholastic.  This will help to give them a little guidance when they choose to do an article that will require interviewing someone.

Friday brings us to the end of our week.  They will be working on their presentations and choosing what they would like to write their first article for the paper about.

We are all really excited about this new adventure.  I have also opened it up to other homeschoolers.  It would be fun to have other kids helping to contribute.  Another idea I have is taking Bible verses and asking the kids to do a small explanation of them.

Stay tuned for our paper, as I will be posting each one on the blog here.


Book Review: Samantha Sanderson at the Movies by Robin Caroll

ImageExciting and suspenseful, follow as Samantha Sanderson, dying to get a lead article to write for the school newspaper, and creates havoc for herself along the way.  Samantha Sanderson at the Movies, by Robin Caroll, is the first in a new series of Christian books for young girls.

This is a great story for middle school aged young ladies to read, with Christian morals.  God is brought up and often prayed to in this book.  I will encourage my daughter to read books that have Christian morals and Jesus.

It’s time we teach our girls that there is more to life than just their own wants and needs.  This book will teach your daughter that their are rules to follow and followed exactly.  When you try to find ways around what you know you shouldn’t do, that is dishonorable.

I am very excited to introduce a new series to my daughter.  Christian novels for kids are so hard to find.  I am going to be trying to get my hands on the next book in this series called, Samantha Sanderson on the Scene.

A nice feature that came with this book is discussion questions.  I was thinking of writing a few myself after I was done, so I could assign my daughter this for a homeschool read.  But now that I’ve seen the discussion questions at the end, I won’t need to do that.

Disclaimer: BookLook Bloggers gave me this book in exchange for my honest opinion in the form of a review.