Making More Time

Busy Bee
Busy Bee

Do you ever feel so busy that you wish you could push back time?  We are taking a look at Living Intentionally: Day 3 – Decluttering Your Calendar.

I have taken a good look at how I schedule my time lately.  I have been praying for months about my roles at my church and what I need to be involved in, along with what I don’t need to be involved in.  At this current time in my life, I feel that I need to be involved in my home and family life.

I took out some activities and roles that I will miss, but I feel that I am not able to fully concentrate on right now.

Having homeschooled children, I feel the pressure from people to keep my children socialized.  I think that is very important.  However, I also feel that there are times when we need to focus on our family unit and not outside socialism.

It was a hard thing to do.  Stepping back from things that I have been doing for a few years.

But in another way, it was such a relief!  Right now I have nothing to focus on but my family and my work.  I don’t feel that I am cheating God.  He knows that I gave it a good shot while I felt that I could.  This is something that I have been praying about for months.  I feel that He showed me what He wanted me to do.

I will continue to work on this.  I have a bad habit of feeling like I need to fill in and help people.  It’s not necessarily bad, but it can be.  When I misuse and abuse it.  So for now, my focus needs to be at home.  I need to get my house back to being clean and organized.  I need to get my family back to be “together”.  I need to feel a little less overwhelmed.

So for now, I’ll be cleaning, homeschooling, crocheting and reading my Bible.  I’ll still attend church.  But for the moment, I am not going to feel pressured to be there all of the time.

I don’t think church should be something that I feel that I have to be there or I’m bad.  I don’t like that feeling.  I don’t think that God meant for people to have that feeling towards church.  I should want to be there.

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