November Blog Challenge Day #3

e9953ed284d7a20a2daa57a1e96bdbc7Ways to Win My Heart

  • Listening to me.  I feel like I am strong for all of these people around me, sometimes I just need someone to lean on.  Someone to talk to and unload my worries.
  • Buy me food!  lol  Filling my gut and treating my taste buds to something nummy always wins with me!
  • Be honest with me.  I don’t like fake friendships, they are a waste of time.  Anytime you are dishonest with someone, the relationship is fake.
  • Take an interest in my children.  They are my babies and you know all moms like to show off and brag about their babies.
  • Worship the Lord.  Some of my favorite girl times have been times with my girlfriends that were Christians.  One of my very very favorite times was spending time with my Anita Fajita at the Women of Faith Conference a couple of years ago.  Praising Jesus with someone is always a way into a Christian’s heart.  It brings everyone closer together.
  • Don’t judge.  Even though we may be different, have different views, raise our children in different ways, we need to be respectful to each other.