Farm Step-Stool


This was one of my best finds when I attended the Just Between Friends Sale in Puyallup.  I fell in love with this at first glance.  It was a steal to me at $8!

I saw this stool as I was shopping and shared my find with Katie.  We decided to finish shopping and come back for it.  I couldn’t wait that long!  I left her drowning in the 3T section and went downstairs to grab it.  Thankfully it was still there!

I got tired of carrying it while I was looking through the books so I decided to give it to the ladies that were holding large items for shoppers.  I had been carrying it sideways by this time, with the lid just hanging open.

When Katie and I had finished all of our scouting and shopping, we stood in line to pay.  When I made it up to the pick up place, they handed me my step stool, along with the other items that I had held.  I noticed that the lid was sitting inside the pocket.

Now, I had been walking around with it hanging open.  I checked it closer and the actual screws to hold the lid on were gone.  It was not a tight fitting, so there is no way it was just hanging on.  Thankfully it was an easy fix, and I knew it would be.

I was not the only one who fell in love with it!  My son was inspired to use it, so he had his dad help him fix it for me.  Now he has enjoyed using it so much, that I have had the best helper drying dishes and putting them away!  I can’t complain about that!


Just Between Friends Sale – Puyallup/Tacoma, WA

How many of you like new shopping experiences?  I do!!  *waving hand and jumping up and down*  Sorry to annoy everyone by answering my own question, but I gotta tell you about this awesome sale!

I had never heard of Just Between Friends, but apparently it’s quite well known.  I was offered 2 free passes to go the pre-show last night.  My friend, Katie, and I went with a little bit of spending money and a whole lot of “It’s Momma Time” excitement!

Getting into the sale was a breeze!  We showed our passes and we didn’t have any bags/rollers to check so we were on our way.  Just walking in seemed overwhelming at first.  There was toys, DVDs, books, household items, bikes, tables, and some boutiques downstairs.  The whole top floor was clothes, bedding, shoes and other items you might need for bedrooms.

I thought that the set up for it was basically pretty simple and neat.  I liked that there wasn’t a bunch of tables with people to deal with.  The prices are on everything and each person selling something has their own number to know when something is sold.  The person selling the item gets to choose the price, so there many items that were the same, but priced differently.

Everything, for the most part, was pretty well labeled.  In some of the areas of the clothes, it was hard to find the right sizes.

The nice thing was that if you found something too large to cart around, you could take it the holding place.  It could sit there for 2 hours while you shopped before they would put it back onto the floor, so be careful you don’t spend too much time shopping!

I read in the quick facts for JBF and saw that it said they check carefully for stains.  Unfortunately, we did find some clothing items and blankets that were stained.   Thankfully, it was only a few items.  Most of the items were very clean.

I spent under $20 and walked away with a beautifully hand-painted farm scene step-stool for the kids to use in the kitchen, a really nice coffee bean grinder, a huge cat encyclopedia and a hanging storage container from Ikea.

Katie left with some CUTE clothes for her sweet little girl.  The choices were endless for her size!  Anything baby to toddler had choices gallore!

I would definitely suggest, if you are pregnant, have small children or school aged children, that you head out to one of these sales!

This weekend, catch the sale in Puyallup, at the Puyallup Fair grounds.  Below is some information to help you:

Spring Sale Hours:

Thursday Noon – 8pm

Friday 11am – 7pm

Saturday 9am-5pm (Most items 25% off)

Sunday 8am-2pm (Most items 50% off)



Puyallup Fair & Events Center

Pavilion (Gold Gate – Corner of 9th & Meridian)

Free Parking in Gold Lot


If you’re not in this area, in Washington state, check to see if there are any sales in your area.  You can find Just Between Friends on Facebook too!