Book Review: Body & Soul by Bethany Hamilton

bethanyI got this book with two hopes.  One, that I could share it with my daughter.  Two, that it would help teach about the birds and the bees, because she’s about that age now.  It far surpassed the first hope that I had.  The second hope, well, it wasn’t that kind of book.  What it was though, was a book that I am excited to share with my daughter.

Since I got this book dropped onto my porch yesterday, my daughter has been hounding me to hurry up and finish readying it.  Not only was I driven to finish it to write my review and choose a new book to read, but my child was eager to read it!

Bethany Hamilton does an excellent job helping to build a young lady’s self esteem in this book.  I think that is a very important thing to teach and keep an eye on.

What I really also liked was the health and fitness part of the book.  I am recently going through a struggle with my daughter.  She wants to eat all of this junk food, constantly.  But she is worried about getting fat.  She’s not, but she is getting a little belly on her.  🙂  Totally normal, but she still needs to eat better.

Body & Soul includes exercises, a weekly schedule to try, a list of ingredients to stay away from and recipes to stay healthy.

Right now, my daughter is standing next to my computer, waiting to grab this book when my blog post is done…..oops, there it went!  It’s in her hands.  Now my prayers is that the information in that book will go to her heart.

Disclaimer:  I received this book from Booklook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.