Just Because

0144I don’t really have a topic for today’s blog.  I just feel like blogging.

Yesterday’s holiday was a smooth and wonderful day in our household.  We do not host a huge dinner for everyone, although, everyone who would like to come over for dinner is welcome.  Usually the only guest that we do have is my father-in-law.

Hubby is in charge of the turkey.  He is every year.  I like that.  I do not like turkey.  I make myself a ham to eat and this year I even made my own glaze for it.  (Not like it was hard.)

Thankfully both of my children are old enough to help out with all of the responsibilities, and still young enough that they enjoy helping out.  They set the table last night and my daughter had folded up the napkins in a triangle shape to sit on our plates.  My son said the evening prayer.

I am trying to take it easy stress-wise.  Last Wednesday found myself in the ER for seven and a half hours.  I have been having some heart issues.  Skipping beats along with racing and pounding.  I had narrowed it down, myself, to anxiety and panic attacks.  After it started skipping 10 beats a minute, I went in.cand

The ER staff wasn’t worried that my heart was skipping beats.  When they finally put me back in a room, which was 6 hours after I had checking in, they ran tests and took x-rays.  They diagnosed me with Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVC), told me to follow up with my dr and head home.

I knew that I wasn’t dying.  But the purpose of me going in to the ER was to get some kind of meds into me before I could get into my dr.  I was tired of feeling my heart skip a beat.

But I wasn’t that fortunate.  I was however, fortunate to get into my dr two days later.  She believes that it is caused by stress and anxiety.  I pretty much know what my stressor is, so she told me to make that happen less often.  She also prescribed me two meds to help.

The really bad part is that I have had to cut back on my caffeine.  The flavor of coffee that I prefer is not made in a decaf.  It’s just awful.  *sigh*

*Taking a sip of my freshly brewed decaf and not feeling as much pleasure and comfort as my regular coffee.*

With that, I am signing off.  For now, I’ve got to go add more French Vanilla creamer to my coffee….

Christmas Angel

Yearning for Spring

20110212_1I sit here this afternoon, in the warmth of a pre-Spring day, sipping on a cup of coffee and just admiring the blue sky that I can actually see today.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, it rains a lot during the Winter, Fall, Spring and Summer.  Being able to look up and see that bright blue expanse of sky above me always makes me feel as if I’m looking at the sky for the very first time.

I have only one week to wait until the official day of Spring.  It’s one of my favorite seasons.  To watch the buds opening on the trees, hearing the song of the birds that frequent our house and even seeing the dartiness of the humming birds who have made it back this year just fills my heart with joy!

God really thought of it all didn’t He?  Birth, growth, fruit, death, and then re-birth.  It’s really amazing.

And a gift that I treasure each and every year.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go refill my coffee cup.


Yep, You Guessed It…..


An Average Day

I try to wake up between 6-7am.  If I sleep in too late, my hen Giggles, will start clucking to let me know.  (She is currently living in a plastic tub in the house because of her injured leg.)  I like to start my day early without any other interruptions.  Well, from people at least.  Before I even get out of bed I have anywhere from 1-3 of our five cats waiting in the bedroom for me to get up and feed them.  After I get up, they are all circling me and meowing, it takes some time to get to the laundry room to feed those ravenous little felines.

The first thing I do is turn the heater on where the kids sleep, walk into the living room and turn on my electric blanket and the heater in there and then take care of the animals.  Into the kitchen I stroll to turn on the burner, fill my pot with water, and get my coffee ready.  It takes only a few moments for my coffee to be prepared in my French Press, and I’m ready to head into the living room to enjoy my warm blanket.

Some mornings, I feed the chickens and ducks outside while I am waiting the 4 minutes for my coffee to brew.  Other mornings I wait and let the kids feed when they get up.

I let Giggles out into the kitchen to eat and drink, before I sit down.  I gather my Kindle and my latest crochet project to listen to my Bible, read my studies and cuddle with my blanket in the recliner.

After my studies are through and Giggles is done eating, I put her back and I can check in with my email and facebook.

Later mornings the kids do their schoolwork.  At this time I have been catching up on orders that I got behind with when I was working at the Washington State Fair, and I haven’t been doing Science or History with them.  But their English, math, and reading their daily devotions get done.

I spend many  hours of my day crocheting.  It’s my only source of income at the moment and it’s not a very good one at that.  But it sure does keep me busy!

I don’t get lots of time for  housework around here, but I have to try and squeeze in what I can when I can.  Daily chores include dishes and laundry.  Any errands that need to be run is also my responsibility.

Evenings are spent crocheting and online.  Sometimes I can find the time to read, play with graphics or edit my photos.

My days are busy and long.  But there is never enough time or energy to get done all that I’d like to.


Sunday Morning


I’m sitting here on this Sunday morning, my 2nd cup of coffee quickly disappearing, and I’m reflecting on a few things.

This week has been a difficult one.  It started out as just being stressful and overwhelming, because that is the story of my life right now, so we’ll call that “normal”.  I’ll begin again….It started out as a normal week.  I’m guessing between the stress and higher sugar volumes I’ve recently been intaking, I wasn’t feeling so good.  I spent my afternoon snuggled up in the electric blanket and lazy boy snoozing while the kids amused themselves in the other room.  I remember hearing the phone ring, but we have just a few cell minutes left that I want to save for an emergency, so I didn’t answer it.  I saw that it was a call from my dad.  He had left a message also, and I remember wondering how I’d check the message without using minutes.

I finished my nap and later that evening went down to our friends’ house to watch the football game.  Arriving home, I settled back into the lazy boy and electric blanket to check my facebook.  I had a message from my mom asking me if I had seen the email from my sister about my grandpa.  No, I hadn’t, so I had to check now.

Fear filled my body and I was wary about reading the email.  I had every right to fear, because he had passed.

I am not writing this now to dwell on that.  I don’t like to and have (hopefully) finished my crying.  But it just finished my week off with more emotions that I had before.  Which has not been fun.

Onto another subject….

I have recently signed my daughter up for boutique modeling.  I had a local photographer that I was working with.  She would take photos of my daughter, and I would make her whatever props she wanted for her photography and/or modeling for her daughter.  Well, drama happens and somehow without my knowledge of what was even going on, I was dragged into it.  That was how my Wednesday went.  Anyway, to make a looong and weird story short, I no longer have a photographer to work with.

I don’t have the heart to tell my daughter that she has to stop.  She has just started and really likes it.  So what’s a Mom to do?  You got it, learn how to work my camera and take better photos.  I have been reading ebooks on my Kindle about photography, cameras and using Corel Paint Shop Pro to edit photos.  I am not a great photographer, but I do enjoy photography and I believe that I have taken some very nice nature photographs.  (That is my favorite.  Especially trees.)

Yesterday I took Ms. Kim out and she modeled some of my headbands.  I got a terrible glow on her face that I can’t seem to get rid of.  But I practiced with changing some settings on my camera, I shot in RAW and JPEG.  I tried different angles.

What I need to do is do all of that again and take notes on it.  But it was cold, starting to rain and I still wasn’t feeling too hot.

I am not thinking about taking this to a professional level.  But if that is what happens, then hey, that’s cool.  I just want to sharpen up my skills for my daughter, and my own pleasure.  I have been collecting ebooks on my Kindle for photography and such, but just haven’t found the time to read them yet.  This is pretty much forcing me to do that.

Onward and forward to better things!  And, better relationships.  I abhor fake friendships.  Along with fake people.  I long to fill my life with good people and good things.  I just don’t have time for anything that causes me to stumble.

With that, I leave you with a few photographs that I have found.  These are not edited.

Fall Fairy by Parker