Something new, Tu B’Shevat


This year, in our homeschooling journey, I decided to add in learning about Jewish holidays and festivals.  I found a great website called and it explains a lot to me and it even has information for the kids so they can understand at their level.

The first holiday of the year is Tu B’Shevat.  I have been read about this holiday on  I read a great article tonight on the connection between food and Tu B’Shevat.  It’s called Celebrating Pleasure and it was a great read.  What really spoke to me was the comparison made about how a baby nursing stimulates more milk, which is what the baby wants, but it also gives the mother more satisfaction and how that was the same as us drawing closer to God makes us want more of Him and it gives Him more satisfaction.  I suppose as a past-nursing-mother, I can understand the comparison.

The whole article was very moving and insightful.

I also went to the page for kids and read to them “What is Tu B’Shevat?” today.  There is coloring pages, audios to listen to and other articles to read there.  We listened to one audio story today and will listen to more tomorrow.  I also have planned for them to do some kind of art project.  Saturday is actually Tu B’Shevat, so we will celebrate that day with a little festival of our own.

I am still in the process of searching and researching all that has to do with this holiday.  We will definitely be eating some fruit.  I am hoping that I can find myself something to eat that won’t flare up my Oral Allergies Syndrome.  Maybe God will bless my food to my body and not let it give me a reaction.  I will pray for that.  I’d really like to eat an apple and some grapes.  The custom is to eat fruits that come from trees.

Tu B’Shevat is the beginning of the new year of the life cycle of fruit bearing trees.  Well, all trees, really.  But especially the fruit bearing ones are recognized.  I would tend to stick to more Israeli type fruits, such as pomegranates, grapes and maybe olives.  Traditionally, it is those eaten along with figs and dates.  I don’t think that I can get a pomegranate in season now.  The last ones we bought  not too long ago were icky old.  Yuck. also tells me that this day is a day to reflect on the Bible verse, Deuteronomy 20:19, “…is the tree of the field a man…”.  I read the whole verse, and it all kind of confused me.  I think I’ll go back and read the verse before and after to see what the context is.  I will also read some articles on about that verse.  There is a page called, Man and Tree, that have lots of articles that have to do with this verse.  There’s so much to explore on that site!

Hopefully I will remember to take pictures so that I can blog about how neat our party is on Saturday!  I have blogged before about trees, and my love for them, so I am looking forward to this holiday.


Extracting & Tingling

Extracting & Tingling

Yesterday afternoon, the kids and I tried our Nutribullet.  We had bought fresh veggies and fruits to use.  We picked out a lot of the same as we chose for when we juice.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Into the bullet went one stalk of kale, one carrot, blackberries, raspberries and half an orange.  We filled the cup with water to the line.  We put the cup on the bullet and voila! we’re extracting!  The first try told us that we needed to extract more, the chunks were unpleasant.  It was also quite bitter.  I added the other half of the orange, hoping to sweeten it up.  grrrrrrr  Back to my lips, and still chunky and a little sweeter.

I knew this wasn’t going to work, for me, or the kids.  We poured out just a little bit down the sink.  Just enough room to put in a tomato.  This time, I let it extract for a while.

The mixture was almost to a flavor where I could stand to drink it, but I think it needed one more tomato.

By this time though, my lips are tingling and feeling funny.  Oh great, I wonder which one it was now.  More than likely the kale, since spinach does that.  But who knows.

The kids wouldn’t touch it after their first tiny tiny sip, so I dumped it.  Ugh……organic fruits and veggies, down the drain.

I decided the next time I use it, I’m only using the fruits.  Maybe the carrots also.  But no greens!  That was just not good.  I prefer drinking it from the juicer really.

I was too busy this week getting ready for Thanksgiving, (which is today so Happy Thanksgiving!), to call the dr and make myself an appointment.  I really need to see an allergist though.  *sigh*

Oral Allergy Syndrome

ImageHave you ever eating anything that made your mouth itch uncontrollably and not be able to itch it?  Have you ever enjoyed a dish only to notice that your lips tingle and feel swollen?  Maybe you’ve felt your tongue swell and you felt able to touch places in your mouth that you normally don’t feel?  I have experienced those things.

For a very long time now I have wondered if I have an allergy to almonds.  I love almonds.  I would eat some and feel an itchy sensation on my tongue and gums.  I ignored it for a long time.

While I was pregnant, Hubby made me eat veggies.  I don’t like very many veggies at all.  He made me gag down broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.  But if I had to eat them, I was going to smother them in ranch.  After that, I came to really like eating the broccoli.  My oldest is now nine and about a year ago, maybe two, I noticed that my lips tingled and felt swollen when I ate it.  After some testing of my own to pinpoint the problem, I found out it was the broccoli.

About the same time, I discovered that corn made me react also.  With this experience, I felt my tongue swell.  It was difficult to swallow.  My next decision was to have the dr do a test.  She did an IgE blood test.  It came back that I was allergic to peanuts and some other things.  It was not a much as I wanted to know though.  Still, I was given an epi-pen to carry around.

I continued to eat peanuts and peanut butter.  I had never reacted to it, so I felt safe.  I stayed away from fruits and veggies that were uncooked though.

One day, it happened.  I reacted to the peanut butter.  I did not want to shoot myself with an epi-pen, so I drank some benadryl to right the affects of my tongue swelling.  That is another story.

But now, I have to be very careful, and stay away from peanut butter.  That is sad.

My FIL decided to give  me my Christmas gift early this year.  It is a Nutribullet.  He knows that I enjoyed juicing.  I decided to find out last night if there if I am suffering from allergies or food intolerance.  I found out that there is a such thing as Oral Allergy Syndrome and it matched all of  my symptoms, whereas the food intolerance did not.

My next steps will be:

  1. Call dr on Monday to make appt to meet with an allergist and get prick test done
  2. Keep food diary and how I am feeling journal
  3. Read book for Nutribullet

I will also be starting some posts on using my Nutribullet and maybe a journey in new eating habits!  So stay tuned!

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end.  Amen
Ephesians 3:20-21