Looking Back on 2012 – The Maple in my Backyard

004 (4)I love trees.  I love to take pictures of tress.  I love to climb trees, really high when I was young.  I love to sit under trees.  I love to look up into trees.

Trees have a few meanings to me.

First, trees are God’s creation.  Made gently by His loving hands.  They are such lovely and beautiful giants on this earth.

I also feel that God is showing us how He wants us to be.  Like a tree.  We start out small and weak in our Christian journey, which is called life.  If you are fed the right food, you will grow mighty and strong.  The right food is The Word.  When you grow mighty and strong, your roots grow deep into the ground.  Giving you the strength to stand tall when you need to stand up for something.  They also allow you to bend when the time is right to.  You’ll grow thick and strong limbs.  Limbs help to provide shade and relief to those on the ground.  Up in the limbs is home to many creatures.  A tree is always available to help others.  No one is turned away.

The picture above is my own photo.  Please do not copy the photo and use it as your own.


Looking Back on 2012 #2

001 (13)The first pan of fried eggs that we made from our chickens first eggs.  We still don’t know which hen laid these huge eggs but she laid them well until it got cold.  These are mostly all yolks and HUGE eggs!  They don’t even fit into the egg cartons for jumbo eggs.  I love having food that we raised ourselves.