Book Review: Watch for the Light by Plough Publishing House


Before I begin writing my review, I must admit that I have not been able to read the book cover to cover yet.  Although, I am dying to!

This book was received in the mail yesterday.  It was the perfect day to have it arrive because it is daily readings for the Advent and Christmas season.  As God’s wonderful Hand guided this book to my house to appear on the same day that the devotions started, I knew that this was a good sign.

Last night, I read November 24 daily reading.  Written by Christph Friedrich Blumhardt it speaks of what the Advent really is.  Definitely a good reminder to our weary hearts and our busy lives.

Today’s reading was a poem by Sylvia Plath.  While I am not one who likes poetry.  Or even understands it.  I tried my hardest to put the pieces together and came out with my own interpretation of it.  I suppose that is the beauty of poetry and art.  One sees what they see.

I skimmed through the book, without spoiling any of it for myself, and am very pleased.  I am looking forward to spending my Advent season reading these daily devotions to uplift and encourage my spirit while I am trudging through the shopping centers or dreading that family get-together.

If you have the opportunity to get this book and read it, do it!

*Disclaimer I was given this book to review by Plough Publishing House as part of the Handlebar Team in return for my honest review.



So I found the wrong photo challenge from FatMumSlim this year.  Here is the current December Challenge.


My camera battery has died, so I can’t be creative today.  But earlier, I took a pic of the new elves that appeared in my house today!

011Annie is in the red, Buddy in the green.


Our 25 Days of Blessings ~ Introduction Post

Our 25 Days of Blessings ~ Introduction Post
Decorating the Tree

This year, I was introduced to a new blog by a friend of mine.  The blog is called Blessings Multiplied.  The post that was brought to my attention is the Blessing Lives Everyday with Special Surprises (B.L.E.S.S.): 25 Days of Christmas Blessing (Update).  I thought this was a perfect way to get my kids involved in helping the community and helping others.  This is something that I really want them to learn.  I feel it is important to the Mission and spreading the Word about Jesus by giving to and helping others.

I don’t feel that you need to be a millionaire.  People who have very little can be very helpful.  I struggle daily, weekly, monthly.  But I give a lot.  I have had others give to me and I know that it is my due to do the same.

This Christmas season, we are going to do this.  Our list will vary some from the list that the blogger provides because I will tailor it to fit our family.  And we won’t have a lot of money to spend on an activity like this, so I will need to be creative.

If you follow the link to the blog above, you can print off your own list and labels to use.  I have downloaded them to my computer.  I think this evening will be a good time for me to start coming up with our list.

We have four days until we start this.  I am excited about it!

Hosting this on my blog Klucky Kitty Creations. Take a moment to check it out please. Pray over it. Thank you!

Klucky Kitty Creations

This year, Klucky Kitty Creations is sponsoring a family for Christmas.  I am very excited about it!  I enjoy the giving part of my creations so much!  But this year, I’ve decided to allow others to help, so I can really bless a family for Christmas this year that is in need of a blessing.

Before I introduce my family for this Christmas, I would like to explain how this will work.  I have a list of items that the family likes and a list of a few things that they are in need of.  I am opening this up to the public, asking for donations.

Donations can happen several ways.

  • Send money donations through Paypal to email address and MAKE SURE TO LABEL IT: MORGANSTERN FAMILY, 100% of the donations will be sent to the family
  • If you would like to send a gift card, email me…

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