How Well Do You Know Your Cat?

Through the years, between experience, reading books and learning from my own observations, I have learned a lot about how cats communicate.  If you pay attention, there are many signs that your cat has that has nothing to do with meowing or purring.

How many times have you caught your cat just staring at you, looking like she’s glaring?  You feel like you’re being watched and judged by the cat himself?

Gunny, on Dad's shoulders, giving me "Friend Eyes"
Gunny, on Dad’s shoulders, giving me “Friend Eyes”

Take a moment to reassess the situation.  This is what I call “Friend Eyes”.  A cat that wants to show you they mean no harm and they are friendly will close their eyes part way, and to us, it appears that they are glaring, or giving you the evil eye.  To gain the trust back from your cat, try giving them “Friend Eyes” and you might be surprised by getting the same back!

Another eye sign that cats use is the slow blink.  This basically means that they are comfortable in your presence.  You may also want to try this one out.  Especially on a cat that may not like you that well.  Without petting, you can relay to the cat that you won’t hurt her.

Have you ever noticed that your cat will run or walk towards you with their tail straight into the air, but the tip of the tail will be hooked?  This is a sign of friendship.  The cat is not scared of your presence and wants you to know that by his advancement, he is friendly.  Usually, a good rub on the leg will come after this.

Speaking of rubbing, your cat may do this a lot on you.  Go ahead and let her.  She is claiming you as hers.  You know that there is a saying that cats own their humans, not the other way around.  Your kitty is reaffirming this when he rubs on you.

A form of affection is when your cat head bumps you.  Generally, she would prefer to butt your forehead and will do so if she can.  If he’ll let you, do it back and let him know that you love him also!

Touch.  Cats love touching.  They touch prey, food, toys, fuzz, anything that interests them or that they love.  I’ve really  noticed that they like to touch our skin with the pads of their paws.  There’s nothing like some kitty lovin’ when you’ve got a kitty paw touching your cheek.

I’m sure there are tons more that I haven’t learned about or noticed myself.  Or that I forgot.  And that’s not even going into vocal communication.

Maggie Pie and Gunny, brother and sister, snuggling
Maggie Pie and Gunny, brother and sister, snuggling
Fiesty is out of focus here, but you can see her hooked tail and "friend eyes" walking towards me
Fiesty is out of focus here, but you can see her hooked tail and “friend eyes” walking towards me
Jerry running towards me, you can barely see his hooked tail
Jerry running towards me, you can barely see his hooked tail


Looking Back on 2012 – Maggie Pie & Gunny

Gunny laying on Maggie Pie
Gunny laying on Maggie Pie


Those are our cute cats.  They are brother and sister.  I love how they always find each other to cuddle up with.  When you look for one, you usually find the other.  If they aren’t next to each other, they are usually in the same room.

Gunny is hubby’s cat.  He is a funny naughty boy.  He runs off with ANY hair tie that he finds.  I have to hide mine in my glasses case that zips up.  And he still knows they are it there are sometimes will try to get them out.  I can’t leave any laying around.  My daughter has given him some to keep as his own.  Along with plastic bracelets and some Barbie accessory.  Gunny has now taught himself how to play fetch, and he is pretty sure that he has taught me how to play also.  He brings me his toy, sometimes lays it right in my hand, and waits for me to throw it.  When I do, he scrambles after it, and brings it back.  When he’s done, he’ll either not run after it, or not bring it back.  His full name is Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock, who happens to be a sort of hero of Hubby’s.

So to go along with the “theme” that he had, I named my kitten, Major Marjorie Hooligan.  Better known as Major Hotlips.  But I call her Maggie Pie.  She’s my little Maggie Pie.  If she’s not with Gunny, she’s gonna be on my lap.  She is the total opposite of her brother.  She is extremely shy.  Her meow is a tiny little squeak.  She rarely gets into trouble or into anything.  She does not like her ears to be touched, and if you touch her head, will flatten her ears.

They can be difficult to tell apart.  Maggie’s ears are darker black, where Gunny’s are more brown.  She has more spots on her back and he has more stripes.  In the dark, I can tell sometimes by their mannerisms and the way that they hold themselves.

Those are two of our cats.  We have four more that I will more than likely introduce you to.