Book Review: Ex-Muslim by Naeem Fazal

Adobe Photoshop PDFIn today’s world, the word Muslim tends to bring fear to many people, especially Christians.  What many people do not understand, is that there are Muslims out there that are not against Christians.

Naeem Fazal was a Muslim, raised in Kuwait.  His story that he honestly unfolds through the pages of his book, is one that can help us as Christians to understand the Muslims and maybe even at times, help to bring them to Jesus.

I don’t want to give away Naeem’s story.  You definitely will want to read it yourself.  However, I do have to touch on some important points.

I have read many times that Jesus often presents himself to Muslims in dreams.  I find that so interesting.  Naeem explains in his book what that meant as Muslim.

One particular instance in the book that I will remember because it may one day prove to be useful to me, is sharing Jesus with a Muslim.

Naeem explains that using Jesus to lure a Muslim into Christianity creates a problem.  Telling them that Jesus is the son of God can immediately turn them off in your conversation.  This is because saying that God has a son, is akin to saying that God had a wife.

Instead, Naeem turned to using sin as an example.  Muslims understand sin.  They pray five times a day and fast at Ramadan because of sin.  Muslims also believe in the tie of sacrifice, the shedding of blood and sin.  Read a few words out of Ex-Muslim to understand this better.

…The bigger the sacrifice, the more sine and for more people it could atone.  So I asked him, ‘What kind of sacrifice would be big enough for the entire human race?’

‘Only a God-sized sacrifice,’ I said in answer to my own question.

I knew I had his attention then.  ‘Forget about Jesus being the Son of God for a minute.  Think about him as the Lamb of God.  That’s who Jesus is, man.’

It’s my belief that stories like Naeem’s can be used to help us bring Muslims to Jesus.  He wants them to be brought to Him.  He loves them as He loves us.  It’s our witnessing that brings others to Him.

Naeem’s book tells how it ‘s important to live the life of a Christian, and not just act it out.  Doing church things is good, but having God alive in your life, every day is what is important.

I definitely recommend that others read this book.  What a wonderful story that Naeem and his family have shared.

**I have received this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.


Book Review: Super Stitches Sewing by Nicole Vasbinder

9780770434793_p0_v4_s260x420I’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this book.  Since I decided to open up and attempt to use the sewing machine that I have, easily sewed myself a purse out of an old sweater, I decided that sewing may be a good direction that I can take my small business.

When I saw this book on the list to review, I had to get this one first!  I am so glad that I did.  It will be such a big help in the future as I learn more about my sewing machine and sewing.

This book covers machine and hand stitching, and includes information each stitch technique.  There are wonderful photos included that make it very easy to see what she is trying to explain.

Vasbinder also covers areas like tools and equipment that will you likely come across on your sewing journey.

The binding is nice and strong so this will be a great book to refer to over and over while you are sewing.  I also really enjoy the colors of the book cover, as it seems very relaxing and homey.  Those are what sewing makes me think of anyways.

I definitely recommend this book for all beginner sewers, as well as seasoned sewers.  It will be worth the time, effort and price that you have to put into it!

**Disclaimer**  I got this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest opinion in review form.