Another New Adventure!

brendaYesterday morning I woke up to a couple of things that startled me, and one forced me to make a tough decision.

The first incident was the post letting me know that the trip to Nashville, with 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control, was canceled.  This was a huge bummer for me!  It was the first big family vacation that I was planning and actually saving money for.

The second, was finding out that 1MMAGC had to split from the group that was made AmMo-PAC.  Now I know nothing about organizations and such.  But whatever the issues are, these two can not be partnered.  With that decision being made, we were told that we had to choose.  We could not hold our positions with 1MMAGC if we chose to volunteer with AmMo-PAC.

This was where things got a little more upsetting for me.  I have loved being with 1MMAGC and have grown attached to some of the people in the organization that I work with.  However, I have a yearning to understand, be in the know, and be involved in the political aspect of everything, which is what AmMo-PAC will be covering.

So after learning all of this, I weighed my pros and cons.  AmMo-PAC came out the best.  It seems to me that a lot of pieces of a puzzle are falling into place and I have to go with that.  I am starting school to get a Bachelors in Political Science and Public Administration, so that seems to align with each other.

I spent a good portion of my morning praying about this also.  When I had finally made my decision, I felt really good about it.

That alone tells me that I made the right decision.

While I am sad to leave my positions behind at 1MMAGC, I am excited to see where this new trail will lead.  And I didn’t have to leave 1MMAGC all of the way.  I am still able to volunteer as a boots on the ground volunteer.

The family trip I can deal with also.  We can plan our own, or wait and see what is in store with AmMo-PAC.

Want to know about AmMo-PAC?  The website it still under construction, but you can see a little bit.  We also have a Facebook page that you can follow to get more information.


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