My New Adventure in Life

avatar_doll_1As if I really need more adventures, right?  I mean, really.  I currently volunteer for 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control.  I am a wife.  I am a mother.  I am a small business owner.  I am a backyard farmer.

But there will soon be another title to add to that.  I will be a full time student!

I was being urged to go back to school to broaden my job search options.  As I was talking with the counselor, we came up with teaching, because that is something that I enjoy doing.  But as much as that sounds fun, I really can’t see myself teaching.

I was told to gather information that I would need to start school for a teaching degree.  As I was doing that, I ran across another program that really excited me!  I’m talking, got me giggly and antsy kind of excited.  Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Public Administration.

Not only will this help with my work at 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control and the new organization we have started branching from there AmMo PAC, by giving me a broader understanding of organizations and politics.  This will also give me a better understanding of politics, which I have been wanting for some time, many more job options when I have the degree and who knows where I can take that!

Anyone who feels like covering me in prayer, it would be greatly appreciated.  This is a four year degree, so it will be a strain on the family a tad.  But it will be something that benefits us greatly in the long run.

I have applied and am starting financial aid.  I should start June 2!


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