Book Review: Plain Faith by Ora Jay and Irene Eash with Tricia Goyer


There have been times when I wondered if the Amish life would be good to live.  With the lack of electrical devices and things of that nature, your free to think of God all of the time.  But what if your salvation counts on the good deeds you do, rather than your belief in Christ?

The Amish are very worried about rules and traditions.  It’s their way, or the highway.  As much as the basic and simple life seems a little thrilling to me, I think the focus is way centered on your deeds, instead of your beliefs.

This young couple, after the loss of their daughters, started to wonder about their religion.  They had answers that were not getting answered within their own religious confines of the Amish.  How can you understand the Bible verses when they are always said in a language that you don’t understand?

I think the biggest concern that I had with the Amish people was that how many of them are so unsure if they will be in Heaven.  How sad!  I know, without a doubt, that I will be in Heaven!  I do not have to worry about what I do, although, I have to watch what I do.  But when I do good, that does not get me into Heaven, and when I do bad, that will not keep me out of Heaven.

To see this family grow and struggle, but reach the blessed points of their lives to see their children come to Christ!  What a glorious blessing!

I have never been disappointed with a book written by Tricia Goyer.  She is an excellent author and she does have such a love for people.

This book is definitely a must read!

Disclaimer: BookLook Bloggers gave me this book in exchange for my honest opinion in the form of a review.


One thought on “Book Review: Plain Faith by Ora Jay and Irene Eash with Tricia Goyer

  1. Hi! I was scrolling through your posts and came upon your comment on the Amish. I am very interested in the Amish religion and lifestyle (and am very open to converting, LORD Willing), so I’ve done some research. I’m also a follower of Amish America ( It is run by a traveling salesman, Erik Wessner, who’s met and befriended many Amish people and have come to know them.
    Honestly, to my understanding, it’s mainly the Old Order Amish that believe in the “living hope.” They believe that the Amish religion is the only religion in which one can be saved. And yes, they (from my limited perspective) put more emphasis on tradition than for searching for His Truth.
    However, the New Order Amish and the Beachy Amish believe in the assurance of salvation. I’ve conversed with a Beach Amish woman (or a woman attending a Beachy Amish church. I’m not sure of which though.) When I asked about the assurance of salvation, she said that her particular church believes that salvation rests in Christ. Just because you are excommunicated, she said, does not mean you are saved/cannot be saved. However, she said her church believes that if you did something substantial enough to be excommunicated, you probably weren’t saved to begin with.
    These are not exact quotes, but are to the best of my memory.

    Glad to have read your article!

    In Christ

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