Another New Adventure!

brendaYesterday morning I woke up to a couple of things that startled me, and one forced me to make a tough decision.

The first incident was the post letting me know that the trip to Nashville, with 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control, was canceled.  This was a huge bummer for me!  It was the first big family vacation that I was planning and actually saving money for.

The second, was finding out that 1MMAGC had to split from the group that was made AmMo-PAC.  Now I know nothing about organizations and such.  But whatever the issues are, these two can not be partnered.  With that decision being made, we were told that we had to choose.  We could not hold our positions with 1MMAGC if we chose to volunteer with AmMo-PAC.

This was where things got a little more upsetting for me.  I have loved being with 1MMAGC and have grown attached to some of the people in the organization that I work with.  However, I have a yearning to understand, be in the know, and be involved in the political aspect of everything, which is what AmMo-PAC will be covering.

So after learning all of this, I weighed my pros and cons.  AmMo-PAC came out the best.  It seems to me that a lot of pieces of a puzzle are falling into place and I have to go with that.  I am starting school to get a Bachelors in Political Science and Public Administration, so that seems to align with each other.

I spent a good portion of my morning praying about this also.  When I had finally made my decision, I felt really good about it.

That alone tells me that I made the right decision.

While I am sad to leave my positions behind at 1MMAGC, I am excited to see where this new trail will lead.  And I didn’t have to leave 1MMAGC all of the way.  I am still able to volunteer as a boots on the ground volunteer.

The family trip I can deal with also.  We can plan our own, or wait and see what is in store with AmMo-PAC.

Want to know about AmMo-PAC?  The website it still under construction, but you can see a little bit.  We also have a Facebook page that you can follow to get more information.


My New Adventure in Life

avatar_doll_1As if I really need more adventures, right?  I mean, really.  I currently volunteer for 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control.  I am a wife.  I am a mother.  I am a small business owner.  I am a backyard farmer.

But there will soon be another title to add to that.  I will be a full time student!

I was being urged to go back to school to broaden my job search options.  As I was talking with the counselor, we came up with teaching, because that is something that I enjoy doing.  But as much as that sounds fun, I really can’t see myself teaching.

I was told to gather information that I would need to start school for a teaching degree.  As I was doing that, I ran across another program that really excited me!  I’m talking, got me giggly and antsy kind of excited.  Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Public Administration.

Not only will this help with my work at 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control and the new organization we have started branching from there AmMo PAC, by giving me a broader understanding of organizations and politics.  This will also give me a better understanding of politics, which I have been wanting for some time, many more job options when I have the degree and who knows where I can take that!

Anyone who feels like covering me in prayer, it would be greatly appreciated.  This is a four year degree, so it will be a strain on the family a tad.  But it will be something that benefits us greatly in the long run.

I have applied and am starting financial aid.  I should start June 2!


Prayers and Their Power

22I wake up in the morning and have chores to attend to.  The cats, all five of them, are waiting ever so patiently for me to feed them.  The three in the house wind around my feet as I prepare the water for my coffee.  The other two that like to spend nights outside, will come running to the door as soon as they hear me.

The ducklings hear me attending to the cats and start peeping to let me know that they are ready to eat also.  I finish preparing my coffee in my French press and get the ducklings food out.  I let them out to eat while I finish and wait for my coffee.

It has become my habit to go straight to the computer and start earning my Bing rewards and my Swagbucks.  Both are going to help me pay for a trip that I’m taking next year.

While I am doing those, I read my devotions, Bible and a Christian book.  Lately, prayers have been a huge thing that I have been reading about.  I blogged last Saturday about The Power of the Word.  I wrote about how prayer has recently touched my life and shown me so much.24

For the past two months, I have been reading prayers for the kids.  I’m sure many of you have heard the book The Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian.  I have the little book that goes along with that, with all of the prayers included, called The Power of a Praying Parent Prayer Book.  I started with reading that little book, saying a prayer each morning for the kids.  I then re-read the book and said the prayers each day.  One chapter per day gave me one prayer per day.  After that book, I read the little prayer book again.

I have covered my children in prayer the past two months.  I read these prayers aloud, even if I have to be quiet so I don’t wake them, in the early morning while sipping my coffee and earning Swagbucks.

Now let me explain why this is relevant to you, or why you should care.

I have always known that prayer had power.  Growing up in churches, you learn that.  (I hope.)  I have even had my share of answered prayers.

For example, I vividly remember a day when I stood with my kids in Safeway.  Only a few dollars to spend.  I had said a prayer to God to ask him to show me what I could get with my few dollars for dinner.  As I stood in the middle of an aisle, pondering what to get, an older woman walked up to me.

She had tears in her eyes and explained to me that God told her that I needed help.  She had gone through the line already and as she did, she grabbed a Safeway gift card.  She handed me that card and told me that God told her to do it.  We hugged and I thanked her and silently thanked my Heavenly Father.  The amount that she gave me wasn’t a huge amount, but it bought us dinner, milk and she told me to buy the kids a candy.

Now explain to me.  If God is not real, how in the world would that happen?  Ever?

27See, I’m not a stranger to prayer.  But….here’s what I am a stranger to.

Seeing the power of Bible verses being read working in the lives of my children.

Driving in the van yesterday, the kids and I were talking, as usual.  Amanda told me that she has recently felt like she should be praying more.  She has stopped to take the time to tell God that something is pretty, or just to thank Him for something.  Another thing that she has started is praying when she wakes up.

My son then adds, that he also, has felt the need to pray more.  Imagine how my heart soared to hear this!  My prayers that I have been saying in the morning are working!  Some of those prayers ask for my children to want to feel closer to God and have a strong relationship with Him.

28Seriously, what more can a mother ask for than for her children to have a wonderful relationship with our Heavenly Father and Loving Creator?!

It’s really amazing!

I have also witnessed, just this past week, an occurrence that I was able to use prayer during the situation and it worked right then and there.  I won’t get into any details because those are not important.  But someone I love was getting into something that I think is steeped in demonism.  I prayed right there for that person to feel guilt for being even a little bit interested.  Within 30 seconds, that interest was cut off and moved onto something else.  I thanked Him once again as I sat there in awe.9774

The next goal that I have is to find Bible verses to pray over my daughter and a specific issue that we are going through.  And I just bought The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian yesterday at Goodwill.  I have read that before, but I believe I got it from the library.  I want the prayers here on my shelves to read each morning like I do for the kids.

I challenge you to try this.  Find some Bible verses, or prayers that are already written, and start your own prayer legacy.  Bible verses for different topics are easy to find.

Tomorrow morning, as I enjoy my Starbucks Breakfast Blend cup of coffee, and delve into my prayers for my children, I will think ahead of the many blessings that are to come.  Prayer hasn’t always been an easy thing for me, but you know the saying, “Practice makes perfect” and that works the same for praying.  The more I pray and learn how to pray defensively, the easier it gets for me.

I’d love to hear your prayer results!  If you already have a wonderful story to share, I’d also love it if you shared it with me!  Until next time, many blessings!


The Power of the Word

21The last couple of months have brought me deeper into Spiritual warfare study than ever before.  I’ve read about the subject a few times.  I have books on my shelves on the subject.  But I’ve felt the need to dig a little deeper lately.

A couple of months ago, I had an experience, like no other.  I’ve only shared this experience that I had with my husband.  I have not spoken the words aloud to anyone else.

I’m not going to get into what happened now.  Just know, I did not get harmed and nothing out of the ordinary happened.

But the experience showed me that I needed to toss aside my lax attitude about my Spiritual warfare and start taking active control of it.

So, I did what I do best.  Found all of the books that I could read about the subject and uploaded all that I had to my Kindle.  I also read a book that I have on my shelves called A Woman’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare by Sherrer & Garlock.

I have since decided that I need to be a lot more disciplined in my prayer life.  My prayer life needs to be more active and more ongoing.  Naturally, the next step is reading all about prayer.

I have come across the idea of a prayer closet.  I’m really drawn to this.  I am going to convert my closet in my bedroom for this.  I’m really excited about it!  It will be part of my Operation Spring Clean that I have currently going on.

In my research, I am trying to teach myself new ways to use the Bible in prayer.  Using verses out of the Bible is very powerful.  It’s the Word of God!

So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.
Isaiah 55:11

By practicing this, I am also bringing the blessing to my children.  My son has a time at night most nights getting to sleep, and then resting well once he’s asleep.  I wrote down a Bible verse for him that is adapted to fit him.  When we say our prayers at night, he repeats this verse.  He told me the 2nd night that we did this that he believes it helped him sleep the night before.  I silently thanked God.

By doing this, I will also hopefully, memorize more Bible verses. That is something that I have not ever enjoyed doing.  But I need to have some of those verses ready to use if needed.

Praying is the most powerful tool that we have.  Who wouldn’t want more alone time with our precious Heavenly Father anyway?  The more I pray, the more I am finding it easier to pray.  I guess it’s like anything else.  Practice makes perfect.


Book Review: Body & Soul by Bethany Hamilton

bethanyI got this book with two hopes.  One, that I could share it with my daughter.  Two, that it would help teach about the birds and the bees, because she’s about that age now.  It far surpassed the first hope that I had.  The second hope, well, it wasn’t that kind of book.  What it was though, was a book that I am excited to share with my daughter.

Since I got this book dropped onto my porch yesterday, my daughter has been hounding me to hurry up and finish readying it.  Not only was I driven to finish it to write my review and choose a new book to read, but my child was eager to read it!

Bethany Hamilton does an excellent job helping to build a young lady’s self esteem in this book.  I think that is a very important thing to teach and keep an eye on.

What I really also liked was the health and fitness part of the book.  I am recently going through a struggle with my daughter.  She wants to eat all of this junk food, constantly.  But she is worried about getting fat.  She’s not, but she is getting a little belly on her.  🙂  Totally normal, but she still needs to eat better.

Body & Soul includes exercises, a weekly schedule to try, a list of ingredients to stay away from and recipes to stay healthy.

Right now, my daughter is standing next to my computer, waiting to grab this book when my blog post is done…..oops, there it went!  It’s in her hands.  Now my prayers is that the information in that book will go to her heart.

Disclaimer:  I received this book from Booklook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.


Meet the Press

dog news reporter cartoonAs we are moving in the warmer months, I find myself wanting to be done with school.  We were going to work through most of the Summer, or all of it, to finish the books that we are on now.

Bubba is doing 4th grade Math now, and he’s in 3rd grade.  The Math curriculum we had was not complete, and we were working through it with just a teacher’s book and I was supplementing.

We were using Horizons Math for 3rd grade.  But he was starting learn things that his older sister hadn’t.  We had only begun.  So I was going through and picking and choosing what we learned throughout a week by what lesson we were on.  Not working for us.

So I decided to just get rid of that curriculum and start him on the 4th grade book.  He is happy about that, but his sister necessarily isn’t.  Too bad it’s not up to her.

He has started the 3rd grade English book now, but we don’t want to work with this all through Summer.  So I came up with a splendid idea.

Instead of working through the English book and having to do all of the lessons.  He is reading what he needs to know and most of the rest of learning English he will learn by doing our new project.

We are going to do a school newspaper!  It will be a great learning experience for both of the kids.

We started this week.  On Monday I introduced it to them and read them Make a Classroom Newspaper and they got to discuss it a little and gave them something to think about.

Tuesday they did a Newspaper Scavenger Hunt.  I think they enjoyed that one.

Today I had them write down what was on this worksheet in their notebooks.  They had to go back to the newspaper that I bought them and choose a current event article.  The rules were listed in this pdf.  I only use what I like and don’t use the rest, so we are not doing this assignment the same as is written.  They will work on this for the rest of the week, and present their articles on Monday orally.

Tomorrow we will read How to Conduct an Interview found on Scholastic.  This will help to give them a little guidance when they choose to do an article that will require interviewing someone.

Friday brings us to the end of our week.  They will be working on their presentations and choosing what they would like to write their first article for the paper about.

We are all really excited about this new adventure.  I have also opened it up to other homeschoolers.  It would be fun to have other kids helping to contribute.  Another idea I have is taking Bible verses and asking the kids to do a small explanation of them.

Stay tuned for our paper, as I will be posting each one on the blog here.


Book Review: Samantha Sanderson at the Movies by Robin Caroll

ImageExciting and suspenseful, follow as Samantha Sanderson, dying to get a lead article to write for the school newspaper, and creates havoc for herself along the way.  Samantha Sanderson at the Movies, by Robin Caroll, is the first in a new series of Christian books for young girls.

This is a great story for middle school aged young ladies to read, with Christian morals.  God is brought up and often prayed to in this book.  I will encourage my daughter to read books that have Christian morals and Jesus.

It’s time we teach our girls that there is more to life than just their own wants and needs.  This book will teach your daughter that their are rules to follow and followed exactly.  When you try to find ways around what you know you shouldn’t do, that is dishonorable.

I am very excited to introduce a new series to my daughter.  Christian novels for kids are so hard to find.  I am going to be trying to get my hands on the next book in this series called, Samantha Sanderson on the Scene.

A nice feature that came with this book is discussion questions.  I was thinking of writing a few myself after I was done, so I could assign my daughter this for a homeschool read.  But now that I’ve seen the discussion questions at the end, I won’t need to do that.

Disclaimer: BookLook Bloggers gave me this book in exchange for my honest opinion in the form of a review.


Book Review: Plain Faith by Ora Jay and Irene Eash with Tricia Goyer


There have been times when I wondered if the Amish life would be good to live.  With the lack of electrical devices and things of that nature, your free to think of God all of the time.  But what if your salvation counts on the good deeds you do, rather than your belief in Christ?

The Amish are very worried about rules and traditions.  It’s their way, or the highway.  As much as the basic and simple life seems a little thrilling to me, I think the focus is way centered on your deeds, instead of your beliefs.

This young couple, after the loss of their daughters, started to wonder about their religion.  They had answers that were not getting answered within their own religious confines of the Amish.  How can you understand the Bible verses when they are always said in a language that you don’t understand?

I think the biggest concern that I had with the Amish people was that how many of them are so unsure if they will be in Heaven.  How sad!  I know, without a doubt, that I will be in Heaven!  I do not have to worry about what I do, although, I have to watch what I do.  But when I do good, that does not get me into Heaven, and when I do bad, that will not keep me out of Heaven.

To see this family grow and struggle, but reach the blessed points of their lives to see their children come to Christ!  What a glorious blessing!

I have never been disappointed with a book written by Tricia Goyer.  She is an excellent author and she does have such a love for people.

This book is definitely a must read!

Disclaimer: BookLook Bloggers gave me this book in exchange for my honest opinion in the form of a review.


Book Review: Heaven is For Real Movie Edition by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent


What an amazing story this was.  There is not a doubt in my mind that this little boy visited Heaven.  Not a doubt.

This should be a must read for every single person.  Required reading.  Maybe more people would believe in Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit.

Colton’s story reaffirmed some things I knew, confirmed some things that I wondered about and even gave me relief in some areas.

This will be the next book that I read to the kids for our homeschool lessons.  I want to share this book with them and everyone else who will listen.  It’s just an incredible story, filled with love.

Seriously, love.  Colton reminds his family throughout the book that Jesus loves all of the children.  It’s such an wonderfully engulfing feeling to think of the capacity of that love.

This edition of the book is the Movie Edition, and has several interviews in the back.  Interviews with different people involved in the movie in different ways.  Also included in the book is a timeline that easily tracks the story of the Burpos and Colton, along with some of the progresses of the book and movie.

I really enjoyed seeing the photos also.  The photo that really struck me was the photo of Jesus, that had been painted by another little girl who said she had visited Heaven.  To know the full meaning of this story about Jesus’ picture, you will need to read the book.  And let me tell you, you will not be sorry!  It’s worth every penny that you’ll spend.


I received this book for free from BookLook Bloggers for free in exchange for my honest opinion of the book.

If you’d like to order the book from, please click here.