Book Review: Wilderness Survival Handbook by Michael Pewtherer

22822974b734d3aa39ac3bcf6df79ed3I realize I have finished quite a few books the past couple of days.  That has made quite a few blog posts on book reviews.  I have read a few ebooks that I have not reviewed, so this is not even everything!  I guess you could say I’ve missed reading as much as I used to and am ready to pick it back up for now.

So, this book I have actually been reading for quite a while.  I started it a while ago and just set it aside and never picked it back up until a couple of weeks ago.  And I must admit that I did not read every single word.  Some if the book I skimmed through, because just reading that information is like reading instructions to put furniture together.

Not boring, just very detailed with instructions that my brain can’t visualize.

When, and/or, the family and I have to “bug out” as my husband says, this will be one book that we will include in a backpack that we carry, along with a Bible and a book on plants that we can eat in our area.

The book is set up in two sections.  The first section for a short stay in the wilderness and the second section for a long term stay in the wilderness.  My suggestion is to read both, as there are valuable information in both sections that can be used in either situation.

From shelters, to foods to harvest, to hunting, to skinning, to tool making, to making weapons, this book has it all and much more!

I really recommend this book for everyone to have at least one copy of.  You never know if you will need these skills.


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