If you like to read books by an author who is going to be honest and tell you exactly how it is, along with some southern-Baton-Rouge Willisms, you’ll want to read this book.  Will Hayden, TV star of Sons of Guns and owner of Red Jacket Firearms, is one of those guys that you either love, or you hate.  Now me, I find his honesty and realness refreshing and wish more people were like that, so i am one who likes him.

If you’ve ever watched his TV show on Discovery, you know exactly what I mean!  If you haven’t, well, tune in sometime and check it out!  It currently airs Friday nights.  😉

Since Will has a tendency to be true to himself and he doesn’t hide how he really is, there is cussing in this book.  If this is something that bothers you, then maybe this isn’t for you.  But if you can get over it, or just not worry about it, read on.

Chapter six is a great quick history lesson on the history of firearms and the important people behind some of them.  This will definitely be a chapter I use for homeschool when the kids start  a unit on firearms.  My son likes to watch Sons of Guns anyhow on television, so reading Will Hayden’s book will be a treat!

If you like the honesty and realness of Will, along with some southern-Baton-Rouge Willisms, you’ll enjoy reading the chapter about Stephanie.  This girl is down-to-Earth and nothing is fake about her!

The fact that they are Christians and proud to say it, makes me want to hug them all!

Don’t waste any time getting this book to read.  It’s has been such a pleasure to read and I truly devoured it as fast as I could!  A book hasn’t had that effect on me in a while.  Took me back!

Spring Tulip

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