Book Review: Secrets of the Vine for Women by Darlene Marie Wilkinson

thI finished this book this morning, and it would be the second time that I’ve read it.  Some books, you just keep, put on the shelf, and pull out again someday as a great reminder.

Secrets of the Vine for Women is a truly inspirational book.  If you have any doubts of your path in life, or the love of God for you, this book is a must read!

Darlene masterfully weaves a story of a vinedresser in Italy, and his daughter.  She portrays the father’s love for his vineyard and how he carefully and lovingly takes care of each single branch and vine.

I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this.  How much like the vinedresser is our Heavenly Father?  As you read this book and follow the storyline, you will be brought to a wonderful realization that YOU are the vine, and GOD is our vinedresser.

If you are overwhelmed or feel daunted by a whole bunch of reading, please consider this book.  It is written very simply, so you can understand exactly what Mrs. Wilkinson wants to get through to you.  She writes in such a caring way, that you can’t help but be swept up in God’s loving arms just by reading her words.

The book only has six chapters, which I read one day at a time.  It was less than a week to finish this book and it gave me days to pause and reflect on what I had read.

I highly recommend this book to all women.  The copy that I have also includes a study guide in the back of the book to go along with each chapter if you would like a little more in -depth study.


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