Homeschool 3/11/2014


Yesterday’s studies did not include anything out of a book.  We had errands to run, people to visit and we were pretty much dragging most of the day.

Part of the beauty of homeschooling is the choice to skip a day of lessons.  Kids will still be learning, but they are learning what I like to call, Life Lessons.  Going to the grocery store and gathering groceries, totaling prices, reading the list, pushing the cart, standing in line, paying at the cash register, finding what you want, unloading groceries from the car, to the house and putting them away, that is all Life Lessons.

In my opinion, it is just as important for my children to learn the values that will be instilled in them by running errands.  They learn patience, how to socialize, how to work with other people and many other things that prepare them for life in the real world that public school, or even homeschool curriculum lessons won’t teach them.

Some days, we even need that.

My children love to learn and are always learning on their own.  They play pretend school and make up their own lessons plans.  My daughter, at 10, has taught herself about different countries and such by reading a book of Social Studies that I have in our homeschool library.  She also studies Spanish on her own and has learned quite a bit.  I do know some Spanish, so I am readily available to help with pronunciations and putting together sentences.  Pretend homework and school assignments are given to her, and she will actually do them better than she does the homeschool lessons that I plan!  Another series of books on my shelves teaches life values through historical figures.  My son, who is 9, taught himself who the first black Major League Baseball player was by reading those.  I don’t even know that!

The past couple of days, my kids have discovered all of my old comic books, including Archie.  My son has a more difficult time with reading and letters, so I try to find him books that he likes to read.  He likes short chapters and the words printed big.  But finding Archie and Jughead has opened a whole new world of reading for him.  He has spent the past 3 days voraciously going through the comics that I have.

Which means that for the majority of the car ride that he traveled yesterday, was also time that he spent reading.  That is a successful day to me.


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