To Dread, or Not to Dread…

Last week, I decided that I wanted to try something different.  Blame it on hormones, mid-life or stress, I don’t know.  Blame it on whatever you like.

I started looking at dreads.  I did a little research, asking my friends and looking on pinterest.  I found some really cute photos and styles.  I really like the skinny dreads.

I think what I like the most though, is just messy hair.  I’m not one for brushing my hair.  Many times I wash it and go.  I don’t comb it out.  Many days I get up and go, I don’t brush my hair.


This past week, I went all week long without combing out my hair at all.  The big huge mass of knot that starts right in the back of my head is what I try to avoid though.  I get it all of the time.  I kept my hair uncombed all week, until this morning.

This morning, it was a HUGE knot.  I could feel the weight of it.  Time for a hairbrush.  I brushed it out and felt some weird….sadness
I don’t know that I necessarily want to the dreads.  I’ve been thinking about them and mulling over many things in my mind.  I don’t think I could see it through for as long as dreads take.  I would get bored with it before I could get good ones.
Messy hair I can do though!  Even if I comb it out every now and then.  The option would still be there to style my hair differently this way.
Also, with my current job hunting, I may not want to go in and apply somewhere starting some dreads out.
Instead, I’ll just dye my hair.  I’d love to do a dye job with just my ends pink or purple.  Even a bright red.  Or just parts of my hair died a color.
I won’t be too picky right now.  I want something new, different, cheap and easy.
Until then, I may just go messy.

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