Is Your Life Awful?

I have always been bothered by people who are unsatisfied with their life.  I don’t know why, but I am.

I feel sad for people who hate their life.  Life is such a precious gift.  You didn’t have to be created, but the good Lord carefully and lovingly formed you.

The first thing that people need to realize, is this.  We have been given life for one purpose and one purpose only.  To worship God.

If you are focused on how awful your life is, how can you be focusing on God?

It is my opinion that people who feel their life is worthless, have no direction, are not thankful or happy to be alive, need to stop focusing on themselves. There is a reason they feel that way. Because they are focusing on themselves.

The more you think of how miserable you are, the more you will believe it.

God put us here for Him.  Yes it’s selfish of Him, but I think he has that right since he is God.  We are here to worship and praise the Lord!

Out minds are a very very powerful tool.  You can make yourself believe lots of things that aren’t true.  Like telling yourself that you are nothing.  Eventually, your brain will believe that and think it on it’s own.  But using our mind to focus on ourselves, is just that, focusing on ourselves.  It is self-serving and a sin.

God made you specially, carefully, lovingly and with a plan.

If you mope and whine about how bad life is, you are essentially telling the Creator of all that He did a bad job.  How can you tell perfection that it is not?

Let’s take a look at this from a different view.

Take some play dough, mold forms out of it.  It doesn’t matter what you mold, it’s your creation.  Now, pretend that you had the power to give life to those molds.  Right before your very eyes, the blobs take form and start to live on their own.

Now let’s say that you have a form that doesn’t like how it was made.  That form whines daily about how horrible it looks, how awful it feels, how life is so bad living this play dough blob form.  How does that make you feel?

Ok, now look at it this way.  That one blob that isn’t thankful for it’s life, what do you want to do with that blob?  Are you wanting to share your treasures, joys and secrets?  Personally, I would think how ungrateful and let them wallow in their own blobby-play-dough-ness.   I am not saying that is how God feels, but that is how I would feel.

What would you do with those blobs that were thankful?  Would you be more willing to prove your goodness?  Maybe bless them continuously to let them know that they are doing what they were created to do?

I don’t know if God works that way.  I would though.  And it makes me think….

Being unsatisfied with your life is total self-involvement.  Because it’s not all about you. It’s about Him.  The more that you think of how unfair life is to you, the more you tell Him that He’s done a horrible job.

The more that you think you wish that you were dead, the more that you are saying to God, “You messed up”.

I think that if God had thought you were a mistake, He would have taken that dough and reformed you.

Filling your own desires here on Earth may help you to feel better about yourself and your life, but what will it do for your eternal life?  Where will your treasures be?  What crowns and jewels can you possible earn in Heaven if you work against God?

And yes, I said, work against God.  When you take something that He has deemed good, and title it what you want, that is working against Him.

So think about this.  When you are against God, you are lining yourself up with Satan.  You are on his team then.   How can you stand for both sides?  You can’t.

When you wake in the morning, thank the Lord for the wonderful day He has given you.  Even though you don’t know how the day will turn out.  Spend each minute, each second, focusing on God.  I guarantee you, that when you remove the focus from yourself and how happy you think you need to feel, you will enjoy life so much more.

I do not think that God made all of these wonderful creations just to watch them be miserable.  And the more you focus on God, the more that you are not focusing on yourself.  The joys of this world are nice, but do not matter in the long run.

Take each day as a blessing.  The good and the bad.  The bad teaches many lessons that you wouldn’t have otherwise learned, and may be helpful to you in the future.  The bad also makes you stronger.  If only good things were to happen to you, do you think it would be easy to grow?  How would you learn?  The bad things also draw you closer to God.  And He knows that!  He knows that we tend to turn to Him more when things are going wrong.

Stop focusing on yourself and how you can feel happy today.  Every time that you start to feel that, you need to immediately pray and turn your thoughts to God.  Let Him know what you feel.  He already knows, but He wants to hear you say it to Him.  He wants you to pour out your heart.  Only when you do that, can you then be healed and fulfilled in the Lord.

Bad things will happen no matter what.

I know I did a lot of repeating in this.  But I really feel it needed to be done.



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