November Challenge Day #9


Best Physical Feature

Well, not exactly the subject I would have chosen to blog about….but, I’ve gotten myself into this, so I might as well see it through.

I personally, don’t think I’m the most beautiful woman, but I have plenty of confidence in the way that I look.  I would call myself plain.  But a beautiful plain, and mostly, I think it has a lot to do with confidence.

My best features (yes features, because I have more than one) would be my hair, abdomen and my…um…behind.

Mom has always called me Bubble Butt.  People generally look at me and just see a skinny woman.  But, if you looked carefully at my body and size of my butt in relation to that, it’s a little on the bubbly side.  I don’t mind it at all.  My bottom is one of the first things I work out to keep looking in good shape, and my hubby always lets me know when that is.  😉

I have always kept my stomach in check too.  Having a flat stomach, and showing off a 6 pack, is another thing I like to work on.  Now, I don’t “show off” a 6-pack as in wearing half shirts and such.  But I like to have the option there.  🙂

Long hair is a feature that I believe is very womanly and beautiful.  I have kept my hair long for most of my life.  Occasionally I’ve gone short, but I prefer long.  I do get quite a bit of compliments on my hair.

Now that I feel full of myself and prideful, I’m ending this blog post.


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