Need a New Challenge Like a Hole in the Head

Like I need a new challenge right now.  I am in the middle of several things at home, such as being a 4-H leader to a brand new group (I’m basically starting it from the very beginning), owning my own local boutique where I’m under time restraints for orders, searching for a job to get more income, homeschooling my children, taking care of the animals and currently in a 31 Days to Clean Challenge and a 30 day Plank Challenge.

Yet I find myself desperately missing my blog.  So I’m sitting here thinking…..I need to find myself some reason to post every day.  How do I do that?  A challenge?

Why do I feel the need to push myself so much?  I need to teach myself about my camera and better photography skills and I should be finishing learning the guitar.  But here I am pushing myself to do this.

Tonight I’m on a search for a good challenge to blog about.  Maybe a photo challenge?  That will help my photography skills that I need to learn.  If you know of anything good, please leave me a link in the comments!  If you have any ideas, let me know please!  I’m signing out and hitting Pinterest now….



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