Chef Gordon Ramsey under fire for selling foi gras cruelty

I always liked to watch Gordon Ramsey and his TV show Hell’s Kitchen. But this is sickening!

Please be careful, some pics are graphic. The video is supposed to be also, but is not working.

I will not watch this sicko anymore. Force feeding those poor ducks. Makes me sick.

The Natural Poultry Farming Guide

Gordon Ramsay under fire after undercover video exposes ‘shocking cruelty’ to ducks at foie gras factory which supplies one of his licensed restaurants

  • Footage from Hudson Valley factory, N.Y., shows ducks being force-fed large amounts of grain through steel tubes three times a day
  • Animal rights group PETA say practice is ‘grotesquely cruel’
  • Factory supplies foie gras for ‘Menu Prestige’ at Gordon Ramsay at The London restaurant in New York
  • Chef has previously condemned cruelty in shark fin soup industry as ‘sick’ and ‘barbaric’

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has come under fire after an undercover video emerged exposing ‘shocking cruelty’ at a foie gras factory which supplies one of his licensed restaurants.

Animal rights groups People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are accusing the star of having double standards after filming thousands of ducks being force-fed through steel tubes.

In 2011, Ramsay made a documentary in which he…

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