Dandelions, Not Your Average Weed

WILDCRAFT VITA: 40+ Things to do with Dandelions – Mozilla Firefox.

Click the link above for an awesome list of things to do with Dandelions!  Now most of you probably think of them as weeds.  Not I!

I knew of the health benefits, but was not familiar with the different recipes and uses.

People need to be aware of this kind of info!  These “weeds” are plentiful and easy to grow! You may want to know this just in case you have a need to survive on your own.  Along with other herbal remedies and recipes from the wild.  Nettles, are another one.  So many benefits but everyone thinks they are weeds!

Be safe though!  Know where you are harvesting!  Be sure that you are not eating anything that may have pesticides on it!  I NEVER spray my yard.  My dandelions and nettles are encouraged to grow and mulitply!


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