Rosie and Daisy aka The Twins


These two lovely ladies are my daughter’s hens that she purchased herself.  She loves the Blue Laced Red Wyandottes and has two of them.  The ladies above are Daisy and Rosie.

I have dubbed them The Twins because these two are always together!  Where one is, so is the other!  I rarely find them too far apart.

The mornings are one of the funniest times because inevitably, one of these girls, scares the other when they come out of the coop to eat.  Usually, it is Rosie who gets scared of something and runs around panicking in a circle.  When she does it, then Daisy follows suit!

Daisy is the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte.  She is a much bluer shade than our other Wyandotte, Emy.  I just LOVE her pattern!  She has a little bit of attitude also.  Out of all 11 chickens that we have, she is the only one who chases Sampson, our newest cat.

Sampson found us not too long ago.  He meowed and meowed at my sliding glass door at about 2am one morning, until I felt sorry enough for him to feed him.  I, of course, am a sucker for cats, so I tried not to be too friendly.  But then Hubby got up and brought him in!  Then Daughter claimed him as her own!  The first time we saw Samspon running from Daisy, we were a little shocked!

We have four other cats, and two of them are allowed outside.  Jerry is our fattest and oldest male.  He hangs out with the chickens quite frequently.  They don’t mind him and he doesn’t mind them.  Feisty, our oldest female and cat, can be seen with a chicken every now and then.  So to see Sampson getting chased was not something we expected!

And I mean, Daisy chases him.  The faster that Sampson runs to get away, the faster that Daisy chases him!  I had a good laugh at it earlier today while I was out hanging laundry on the line.



Rosie, is a Delaware and did not care to pose for the camera.  She has a beautiful coloration on her feathers also.  My daughter does some great chicken picking!  Rosie will occasionally join Daisy in her chasing of  Sampson.






One thought on “Rosie and Daisy aka The Twins

  1. hi mommy i liked the first picture of them at the very top they would not let me get a good enough picture it either had Emily in the back ground or they were not together or it came out all blury or it just was not a good picture i got a couple good pictures of them together but not alot 🙂 😉 🙂 😉

    SIncerly Amanda

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