How Well Do You Know Your Cat?

Through the years, between experience, reading books and learning from my own observations, I have learned a lot about how cats communicate.  If you pay attention, there are many signs that your cat has that has nothing to do with meowing or purring.

How many times have you caught your cat just staring at you, looking like she’s glaring?  You feel like you’re being watched and judged by the cat himself?

Gunny, on Dad's shoulders, giving me "Friend Eyes"
Gunny, on Dad’s shoulders, giving me “Friend Eyes”

Take a moment to reassess the situation.  This is what I call “Friend Eyes”.  A cat that wants to show you they mean no harm and they are friendly will close their eyes part way, and to us, it appears that they are glaring, or giving you the evil eye.  To gain the trust back from your cat, try giving them “Friend Eyes” and you might be surprised by getting the same back!

Another eye sign that cats use is the slow blink.  This basically means that they are comfortable in your presence.  You may also want to try this one out.  Especially on a cat that may not like you that well.  Without petting, you can relay to the cat that you won’t hurt her.

Have you ever noticed that your cat will run or walk towards you with their tail straight into the air, but the tip of the tail will be hooked?  This is a sign of friendship.  The cat is not scared of your presence and wants you to know that by his advancement, he is friendly.  Usually, a good rub on the leg will come after this.

Speaking of rubbing, your cat may do this a lot on you.  Go ahead and let her.  She is claiming you as hers.  You know that there is a saying that cats own their humans, not the other way around.  Your kitty is reaffirming this when he rubs on you.

A form of affection is when your cat head bumps you.  Generally, she would prefer to butt your forehead and will do so if she can.  If he’ll let you, do it back and let him know that you love him also!

Touch.  Cats love touching.  They touch prey, food, toys, fuzz, anything that interests them or that they love.  I’ve really  noticed that they like to touch our skin with the pads of their paws.  There’s nothing like some kitty lovin’ when you’ve got a kitty paw touching your cheek.

I’m sure there are tons more that I haven’t learned about or noticed myself.  Or that I forgot.  And that’s not even going into vocal communication.

Maggie Pie and Gunny, brother and sister, snuggling
Maggie Pie and Gunny, brother and sister, snuggling
Fiesty is out of focus here, but you can see her hooked tail and "friend eyes" walking towards me
Fiesty is out of focus here, but you can see her hooked tail and “friend eyes” walking towards me
Jerry running towards me, you can barely see his hooked tail
Jerry running towards me, you can barely see his hooked tail


Farm Step-Stool


This was one of my best finds when I attended the Just Between Friends Sale in Puyallup.  I fell in love with this at first glance.  It was a steal to me at $8!

I saw this stool as I was shopping and shared my find with Katie.  We decided to finish shopping and come back for it.  I couldn’t wait that long!  I left her drowning in the 3T section and went downstairs to grab it.  Thankfully it was still there!

I got tired of carrying it while I was looking through the books so I decided to give it to the ladies that were holding large items for shoppers.  I had been carrying it sideways by this time, with the lid just hanging open.

When Katie and I had finished all of our scouting and shopping, we stood in line to pay.  When I made it up to the pick up place, they handed me my step stool, along with the other items that I had held.  I noticed that the lid was sitting inside the pocket.

Now, I had been walking around with it hanging open.  I checked it closer and the actual screws to hold the lid on were gone.  It was not a tight fitting, so there is no way it was just hanging on.  Thankfully it was an easy fix, and I knew it would be.

I was not the only one who fell in love with it!  My son was inspired to use it, so he had his dad help him fix it for me.  Now he has enjoyed using it so much, that I have had the best helper drying dishes and putting them away!  I can’t complain about that!


Chef Gordon Ramsey under fire for selling foi gras cruelty

I always liked to watch Gordon Ramsey and his TV show Hell’s Kitchen. But this is sickening!

Please be careful, some pics are graphic. The video is supposed to be also, but is not working.

I will not watch this sicko anymore. Force feeding those poor ducks. Makes me sick.

The Natural Poultry Farming Guide

Gordon Ramsay under fire after undercover video exposes ‘shocking cruelty’ to ducks at foie gras factory which supplies one of his licensed restaurants

  • Footage from Hudson Valley factory, N.Y., shows ducks being force-fed large amounts of grain through steel tubes three times a day
  • Animal rights group PETA say practice is ‘grotesquely cruel’
  • Factory supplies foie gras for ‘Menu Prestige’ at Gordon Ramsay at The London restaurant in New York
  • Chef has previously condemned cruelty in shark fin soup industry as ‘sick’ and ‘barbaric’

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has come under fire after an undercover video emerged exposing ‘shocking cruelty’ at a foie gras factory which supplies one of his licensed restaurants.

Animal rights groups People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are accusing the star of having double standards after filming thousands of ducks being force-fed through steel tubes.

In 2011, Ramsay made a documentary in which he…

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Dandelions, Not Your Average Weed

WILDCRAFT VITA: 40+ Things to do with Dandelions – Mozilla Firefox.

Click the link above for an awesome list of things to do with Dandelions!  Now most of you probably think of them as weeds.  Not I!

I knew of the health benefits, but was not familiar with the different recipes and uses.

People need to be aware of this kind of info!  These “weeds” are plentiful and easy to grow! You may want to know this just in case you have a need to survive on your own.  Along with other herbal remedies and recipes from the wild.  Nettles, are another one.  So many benefits but everyone thinks they are weeds!

Be safe though!  Know where you are harvesting!  Be sure that you are not eating anything that may have pesticides on it!  I NEVER spray my yard.  My dandelions and nettles are encouraged to grow and mulitply!


The Three Duck-ateers

We have had some recent new additions to We’re Duck ‘N’ Chicks.  Some new ducklings.  Who doesn’t think these little guys are cute?

Pippi, Hannah and Antonio enjoying some Weed Soup
Pippi, Hannah and Antonio enjoying some Weed Soup

Daughter and Son really wanted new ducklings, especially after the loss of Daughter’s special chicken, Lavender, who died last week.  (That will be in an upcoming post.)  So since I aim to please (and distract) I went on a wild goose chase….excuse the fowl language.

That took us to a feed store miles away from home on the search.  My Garmin took me out to the middle of no where, which was ok because the kids got to see a baby calf just born trying to stand and walk.  Further out in the field there was another cow giving birth, or trying to.  I knew which direction I was headed, sorta, so I drove until I found town.  It was easy.  We found the Safeway, used the wifi so I could find the address on my Kindle, since Garmin was failing me.

We found the feed store and asked where the ducklings were.  The lady working wasn’t the friendliest.  If I wasn’t in such a desperate need to point their focus in a new direction, I would have left and gone somewhere else.  But, my babies had already picked some out.

Daughter chose a Muscovy and Son chose a Rouen.  The Muscovy is the little brown duckling with the yellow chest and the Rouen is the large one with dark brown and stripes.  Later that day, I was able to get a hold of the place where I’ve gotten all of my ducks and chicks from to get another Khaki Campbell.  She is the all brown one.

The Three Duck-ateers provide us with so much fun!  We put them into the bath tub to let them swim around and Antonio (Rouen) swims under the water as fast as he can!  I have never had any of our Khakis do that.  During the day we’ve been taking them out to enjoy the nice warm sunshine that is so rarely seen in WA, especially this time of year!  We spoil them with Weed Soup and they dig that!  They also love to chase the ants in our driveway or jump into the air to catch a passing moth.

Soon, we will be incubating our own ducklings!  We can’t wait for that!!


Rosie and Daisy aka The Twins


These two lovely ladies are my daughter’s hens that she purchased herself.  She loves the Blue Laced Red Wyandottes and has two of them.  The ladies above are Daisy and Rosie.

I have dubbed them The Twins because these two are always together!  Where one is, so is the other!  I rarely find them too far apart.

The mornings are one of the funniest times because inevitably, one of these girls, scares the other when they come out of the coop to eat.  Usually, it is Rosie who gets scared of something and runs around panicking in a circle.  When she does it, then Daisy follows suit!

Daisy is the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte.  She is a much bluer shade than our other Wyandotte, Emy.  I just LOVE her pattern!  She has a little bit of attitude also.  Out of all 11 chickens that we have, she is the only one who chases Sampson, our newest cat.

Sampson found us not too long ago.  He meowed and meowed at my sliding glass door at about 2am one morning, until I felt sorry enough for him to feed him.  I, of course, am a sucker for cats, so I tried not to be too friendly.  But then Hubby got up and brought him in!  Then Daughter claimed him as her own!  The first time we saw Samspon running from Daisy, we were a little shocked!

We have four other cats, and two of them are allowed outside.  Jerry is our fattest and oldest male.  He hangs out with the chickens quite frequently.  They don’t mind him and he doesn’t mind them.  Feisty, our oldest female and cat, can be seen with a chicken every now and then.  So to see Sampson getting chased was not something we expected!

And I mean, Daisy chases him.  The faster that Sampson runs to get away, the faster that Daisy chases him!  I had a good laugh at it earlier today while I was out hanging laundry on the line.



Rosie, is a Delaware and did not care to pose for the camera.  She has a beautiful coloration on her feathers also.  My daughter does some great chicken picking!  Rosie will occasionally join Daisy in her chasing of  Sampson.





Harry Clucker

Meet Harry Clucker. If you are looking for the top dog, look no further. This is the guy! He is a very gentle roo with my kids and lovely to look at. Harry is a Lavender Orpington and he is almost 1 year old. We love to watch Harry find food and make his “chook chook chook” calling his hens over to eat whatever tasty morsel he has found.
According to my daughter, who calls Harry hers, Harry loves to eat watermelon seeds. She named him after Harry Potter. She can be found toting him around occasionally.

Just Between Friends Sale – Puyallup/Tacoma, WA

How many of you like new shopping experiences?  I do!!  *waving hand and jumping up and down*  Sorry to annoy everyone by answering my own question, but I gotta tell you about this awesome sale!

I had never heard of Just Between Friends, but apparently it’s quite well known.  I was offered 2 free passes to go the pre-show last night.  My friend, Katie, and I went with a little bit of spending money and a whole lot of “It’s Momma Time” excitement!

Getting into the sale was a breeze!  We showed our passes and we didn’t have any bags/rollers to check so we were on our way.  Just walking in seemed overwhelming at first.  There was toys, DVDs, books, household items, bikes, tables, and some boutiques downstairs.  The whole top floor was clothes, bedding, shoes and other items you might need for bedrooms.

I thought that the set up for it was basically pretty simple and neat.  I liked that there wasn’t a bunch of tables with people to deal with.  The prices are on everything and each person selling something has their own number to know when something is sold.  The person selling the item gets to choose the price, so there many items that were the same, but priced differently.

Everything, for the most part, was pretty well labeled.  In some of the areas of the clothes, it was hard to find the right sizes.

The nice thing was that if you found something too large to cart around, you could take it the holding place.  It could sit there for 2 hours while you shopped before they would put it back onto the floor, so be careful you don’t spend too much time shopping!

I read in the quick facts for JBF and saw that it said they check carefully for stains.  Unfortunately, we did find some clothing items and blankets that were stained.   Thankfully, it was only a few items.  Most of the items were very clean.

I spent under $20 and walked away with a beautifully hand-painted farm scene step-stool for the kids to use in the kitchen, a really nice coffee bean grinder, a huge cat encyclopedia and a hanging storage container from Ikea.

Katie left with some CUTE clothes for her sweet little girl.  The choices were endless for her size!  Anything baby to toddler had choices gallore!

I would definitely suggest, if you are pregnant, have small children or school aged children, that you head out to one of these sales!

This weekend, catch the sale in Puyallup, at the Puyallup Fair grounds.  Below is some information to help you:

Spring Sale Hours:

Thursday Noon – 8pm

Friday 11am – 7pm

Saturday 9am-5pm (Most items 25% off)

Sunday 8am-2pm (Most items 50% off)



Puyallup Fair & Events Center

Pavilion (Gold Gate – Corner of 9th & Meridian)

Free Parking in Gold Lot


If you’re not in this area, in Washington state, check to see if there are any sales in your area.  You can find Just Between Friends on Facebook too!