Book Review: Working in the Northwest Woods by Dennis Willard

book nerd word artI always enjoy reading books that take place in my home state, Washington.  I believe this book I found for free on my Kindle.  Working in the Northwest Woods by Dennis Willard took place in Washington, with a trip to Oregon or Idaho here and there.

I found that there wasn’t really any point to this book, or the stories in it, besides to bring enjoyment to the write and reader.  I found most of the stories were interesting and some even comical.

I enjoyed the descriptive logging section, that told of how logging was done in the old days.  It was fun to learn that.

I think that the author did a great job relaying the love that he felt for the forest and trees.

Maybe that is why I also liked the book.  I felt a connection between the author and myself because of my love for trees and the Pacific Northwest.  Mr. Willard definitely seemed proud to call Washington state home.

I would recommend this book to others.  Especially those with a love for the outdoors, the Northwest and those green giants that we depend upon so much.  You  may even learn a thing or two!

This book also completed my reading challenge for the month of January.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Working in the Northwest Woods by Dennis Willard

  1. Glad you liked my book! It’s always nice to hear comments on the work one does.
    Dennis Willard

    1. Thank you for commenting! I did enjoy your book! I could feel the love that you have for our beautiful state. I’d love to read more of your books if you have written any!

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