Celebrating Tu B’Shevat 2013

Bare Winter Tree
Bare Winter Tree

Saturday was Tu B’Shevat, a Jewish holiday that resembles the United States Arbor Day.  I wrote more information on it in my previous blog post, Something New, Tu B’Shevat if you are interested.  Things did not go quite as I had planned, so we didn’t get to the store to buy our food for our little feast.  But we made do with what we had.

We took out my camera and each child took photos of trees that they liked.  We had previously talked about what this day meant to the Jewish people so they knew what was going on.

I particularly like this photo because that is the way I like to shoot trees also!
I particularly like this photo because that is the way I like to shoot trees also!

Of course, since we do live in the green and lush state of Washington, it started to rain about a minute after we stepped outside.  I wasn’t willing to get myself or my Nikon wet, so we weren’t outside long.

I did take the time to thank God for such wonderful creations.

Unfortunately, our first Jewish holiday that we try to appreciate wasn’t quite what I had in mind.  That’s ok, though.  We did a little part to observe in a small way.

I leave you today, with the photos of the majestic trees that my children took.  While glancing at these photos, maybe you could tell God how beautiful you think they are.  How grateful you are for trees and the wonderful things they provide.  Maybe you can go out and read under the shade of a tree in your yard.  If you aren’t able to go out to see a tree or two, you can read about them.  Find more information online about how God’s wonderful creation grows and reproduces.  How some of those trees make us food.  It is very interesting!

Oh and I forgot to add that my daughter did eat raisins on Saturday.  Those are made of grapes, which is one of the fruits recognized and eaten on Tu B’Shevat.



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