Book Review – A Collection of Stories by Jack London


For my reading challenge for January I started with reading A Collection of Stories by Jack London.  This was to fulfill my challenge to read a book by an author that has a birthday in January.

If you’d like to see the original post where the list is go here.  If you would like to see my list that I plan to read for the challenge, go here.  I chose to read a book written by Jack London.  I have read The Call of the Wild and White Fang and I enjoyed them.  In fact, I believe that I have read them both two or three times.\

I got the book A Collection of Stories on Amazon for my Kindle Fire.  Inside this book, the short stories that are included are The Human Drift, Small-Boat Sailing, Four Horses and a Sailor, Nothing that Ever Came to Anything, That Dead Men Rise up Never, A Classic of the Sea, A Wicked Woman (Curtain Raiser) and The Birth Mark (Sketch).  The first six stories are tellings of experiences that Jack London himself experienced.

The Human Drift appeared to be a basic essay on the expansion of humans.

Small Boat-Sailing told of the days that London learned to sail and the excitement of it.

Four Horses and a Sailor was a story that he told of how he learned how to drive a team of four horses and toured the neighboring counties near his home in California.

A very strange store about Jack touring a town in Ecuador called Nothing That Ever Came to Anything tells an odd tale of him trying to buy leopard skins.  There wasn’t much of a point to this story.

More tales of his sailing days, this time on a ship, was told in That Dead Men Rise up Never.  Interesting story of the ghost sighting that London saw.

A Classic of the Sea had me lost.  I had no idea what this was talking about or who it was really referring to.  It says it is an “introduction to Two Years Before the Mast“.  I have no idea really.

A comical little skit called A Wicked Woman is included in this book.  It tells of a young lady who wants to marry one certain one man.  But she is being pestered by another young man whom she does not want to marry.  This was really not something that I pictured Jack London writing.

The last story included in this book is called The Birth Mark.  Another comical sketch written for Robert and Julia Fitzsimmons.  This is a little skit written about a woman in disguise and getting caught.  Once again, not sure of the point of the story, but cute none-the-less.

All in all, this was an ok book.  I wouldn’t read it again, there wasn’t much story and action.  But it wasn’t so boring that I wanted to pick my eyeballs out.


  • Celebrate President’s Day – The Life of Abraham Lincoln by Henry Ketcham
  • Birthday Book A Collection of Stories by Jack London 1/4/13 – 1/7/13
  • Who’s Got the Blues? – The Blue Hill Farms Guide to Basic Chicken Keeping by Kim Hamilton
  • Bringing in the New Year – Proverbs of the New Testament: A Relevant Study of the Book of James by Lara Velez, Founder of Moms of Faith
  • Snowy Days – Working in the Northwest Woods by Dennis Willard


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