Living Intentionally Update and Focusing on Your Man

20110212_131Living Intentionally Day 2 Update:

Original blog post found here:

Today my daughter and I cleaned up and rearranged my Living room.  We got just about the whole room cleaned.  I’m hoping to finish it tomorrow.  I have also started working on my kitchen.  I don’t know if that was in my last report or not, but I have not gotten real far on it.  I’m hoping to do better this week.

Living Intentionally Day 3 Update:

Original blog post found here:

Since I have cut out all of the church activities that I had to do, I have not been to church.  I have missed it, but I have seriously enjoyed not feeling guilty about  not going.  Well, I can’t lie.  I still feel guilty.  But I feel less guilt.  On the other hand, missing the pressure of having to be there at a certain time sure has been relaxing for me.  I needed a break I suppose.

This week I may take them to AWANA.  They asked me the other day if we could go.  So I suppose I really should take them.

I have also added time in the morning to reading Bible studies and listening to the Bible be read to me on my Kindle Fire every morning by using the app called YouVersion.  I LOVE IT!!  You can also find it here, online.  I just find the app much cooler to use.  I have been trying to do it while I’m still drinking my coffee in the morning and before I get online.   I have actually found that my mornings and days go much smoother by making sure that I make this priority.

That also plays into Living Intentionally Day 4.  Those two days pretty much go hand in hand.

The next part of the Living Intentionally series that I am doing is Living Intentionally Challenge: Week 3 – Being an Intentional Wife.  So after reading that post, it looks like tomorrow I will focus 30 minutes of my day on my hubby.



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