Dreams. What’s Your Take?

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Have you ever wondered what a dream means?  Or why you have some of the dreams that you have?  I have wondered those things.  Do our dreams really represent real life?  Should we pay more attention to them?

Those are questions that I think about.  I think about the Bible story about Joseph.  The dreams that he interpreted for the baker, the chef and the pharoah represented real life.  And God gave Joseph the knowledge to know what those dreams meant.

I suppose that maybe there is a chance that our dreams mean something.  Should we be praying to God for the meanings of our dreams?

I started reading a book yesterday.  It is a book about dreams that is written from a secular perspective.  I usually don’t read books on these sorts of subjects written secularly.  But for some reason, this book is on my TBR (To Be Read) shelf and I am a little curious as to what it says.  The book is called Dreams & Relationships by Nicholas Heyneman.  I’m only on page 26 so far, and the book seems pretty far-fetched to me.

But there was one thing that got me to thinking.  Doesn’t it bug you that you can’t always remember your dreams?  It said that our civilization today doesn’t remember their dreams because we don’t place any importance on them.  In civilizations that rely on dreams for their survival and/or religious areas, they remember so much about their dreams because it’s so important to them.  Some dreams tell tribes of people where to hunt, so they rely on those dreams.  I do see how that is true.  The book has suggestions on how you can try to remember your dreams better.

So that brings me to wonder.  Should I be really trying to remember my dreams, and then pray about them?

The book also says to pay attention to the feelings that the dream inspires.  The feeling that you get is very important to the meanings.  I wonder how  much meaning there is to that?

Feel free to leave comments on your thoughts.  But please, no bashing or rude talking.  Those comments will not get published, but deleted.

I have only started reading this book.  I’m on page 26 and there is 139 total.  I am reading this book for two reasons:

  1. It was on my TBR shelf
  2. It is a book for my Reading Challenge for 2013



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