Making More Time

Busy Bee
Busy Bee

Do you ever feel so busy that you wish you could push back time?  We are taking a look at Living Intentionally: Day 3 – Decluttering Your Calendar.

I have taken a good look at how I schedule my time lately.  I have been praying for months about my roles at my church and what I need to be involved in, along with what I don’t need to be involved in.  At this current time in my life, I feel that I need to be involved in my home and family life.

I took out some activities and roles that I will miss, but I feel that I am not able to fully concentrate on right now.

Having homeschooled children, I feel the pressure from people to keep my children socialized.  I think that is very important.  However, I also feel that there are times when we need to focus on our family unit and not outside socialism.

It was a hard thing to do.  Stepping back from things that I have been doing for a few years.

But in another way, it was such a relief!  Right now I have nothing to focus on but my family and my work.  I don’t feel that I am cheating God.  He knows that I gave it a good shot while I felt that I could.  This is something that I have been praying about for months.  I feel that He showed me what He wanted me to do.

I will continue to work on this.  I have a bad habit of feeling like I need to fill in and help people.  It’s not necessarily bad, but it can be.  When I misuse and abuse it.  So for now, my focus needs to be at home.  I need to get my house back to being clean and organized.  I need to get my family back to be “together”.  I need to feel a little less overwhelmed.

So for now, I’ll be cleaning, homeschooling, crocheting and reading my Bible.  I’ll still attend church.  But for the moment, I am not going to feel pressured to be there all of the time.

I don’t think church should be something that I feel that I have to be there or I’m bad.  I don’t like that feeling.  I don’t think that God meant for people to have that feeling towards church.  I should want to be there.

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One thought on “Making More Time

  1. “Having homeschooled children, I feel the pressure from people to keep my children socialized.” I was home-schooled, and I am sometimes called a “social butterfly.” There are plenty of extra-curricular activities that are offered to home-schooled students that your kids could get involved in that would be beneficial to their faith and build fellowship. Also, the true Biblical church is the body of believers. That is why the Bible says, “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” Prov. 18:20 NIV 1984. Putting God and your family first is what is important, like you are doing.

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