Starting to Declutter the Clutter


Since my last post that I posted last about Learning to Live Intentionally, I got sick with the flu and was not able to do anything but rest.  Today I was able to start Day 2 – Decluttering Your Surroundings.  Please read the blog in the link above for more information!  Because I have so many other things to do, I used her advice and did it in small chunks of time.  I have decided to start in my kitchen.  We have become very lazy in keeping the floor picked up because it is so large.

So today I started in there.  Decluttering.  Getting rid of what I don’t need.  That is a chore for me.  I like to keep things.  I may use them someday!  But some of my very close friends tell me that sometimes that is unhealthy and I need to get rid of things every now and then.

Working in small chunks of time doesn’t get much done in a day, but that’s ok.  I’m ok with that.  I think I’m ready tomorrow to see what Day 3 is.  I am going to keep on working on decluttering my surroundings.  Cleaning-House-Clipart

In the mean time, for tonight, I am done working.  Right now, I’ve got my boy Gunny cuddled up in my lap.  I love kitties in my lap.  I also can rest in the knowledge that he’s not off somewhere being naughty while he’s in my lap.

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