Decorating the Tree

This year, I was introduced to a new blog by a friend of mine.  The blog is called Blessings Multiplied.  The post that was brought to my attention is the Blessing Lives Everyday with Special Surprises (B.L.E.S.S.): 25 Days of Christmas Blessing (Update).  I thought this was a perfect way to get my kids involved in helping the community and helping others.  This is something that I really want them to learn.  I feel it is important to the Mission and spreading the Word about Jesus by giving to and helping others.

I don’t feel that you need to be a millionaire.  People who have very little can be very helpful.  I struggle daily, weekly, monthly.  But I give a lot.  I have had others give to me and I know that it is my due to do the same.

This Christmas season, we are going to do this.  Our list will vary some from the list that the blogger provides because I will tailor it to fit our family.  And we won’t have a lot of money to spend on an activity like this, so I will need to be creative.

If you follow the link to the blog above, you can print off your own list and labels to use.  I have downloaded them to my computer.  I think this evening will be a good time for me to start coming up with our list.

We have four days until we start this.  I am excited about it!

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