Learning to Live Intentionally Challenge by Upside Down Homeschooling ~ Intro Post

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I found this lovely little blog today.  A wonderful Christian friend of mine, who by the way is a wonderful role model for being a wife, suggested this today.  I looked it up and have decided that I would like to try this.  I’m sure that my marriage would like it!
I am behind the times a little.  I think they are starting week 3 today.  But that’s ok!  I can do this on my own time table.
I know that I need to do this challenge and get something from it!  The Lord is leading me to make a few changes recently.  I am excited to see where this all leads!

Our 25 Days of Blessings ~ Introduction Post

Our 25 Days of Blessings ~ Introduction Post
Decorating the Tree

This year, I was introduced to a new blog by a friend of mine.  The blog is called Blessings Multiplied.  The post that was brought to my attention is the Blessing Lives Everyday with Special Surprises (B.L.E.S.S.): 25 Days of Christmas Blessing (Update).  I thought this was a perfect way to get my kids involved in helping the community and helping others.  This is something that I really want them to learn.  I feel it is important to the Mission and spreading the Word about Jesus by giving to and helping others.

I don’t feel that you need to be a millionaire.  People who have very little can be very helpful.  I struggle daily, weekly, monthly.  But I give a lot.  I have had others give to me and I know that it is my due to do the same.

This Christmas season, we are going to do this.  Our list will vary some from the list that the blogger provides because I will tailor it to fit our family.  And we won’t have a lot of money to spend on an activity like this, so I will need to be creative.

If you follow the link to the blog above, you can print off your own list and labels to use.  I have downloaded them to my computer.  I think this evening will be a good time for me to start coming up with our list.

We have four days until we start this.  I am excited about it!

A Promise is in the Air

I took this photo last year, looking out on my porch, over my sister-on-law’s house. I love the way that the sun is shining on the trees further out, as if to emphasize the light that is hiding behind the darkness.
A rainbow always makes me think of God and His promises. How He is true to his Word. Always. He is incapable of lying. I always stop and thank Him when I see this beautiful arc of colors stretching across the sky.
Not only are rainbows reminders of His promise, but they are also reminders of life. You can be sitting in the darkness of your life and look out to see that sunshine just out of reach. But the colors of the rainbow, sparkling in the mist, is not drawing a line separating us from that Light. It is the path to lead us to it. When we follow His Promises and His Word, we will be led to the Light. Then all of your problems seem so small in comparison.

Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering, (for he is faithful that promised;)
Hebrews 10:23

Duck ‘N’ Chicks

The First 4

As the title of my blog hints, we have ducks and chickens.  This is a fairly new adventure for us.  I grew up on a small farm and we raised a few different types of animals.

Hubby and I feel like we should be prepared to have to live off of the land and our own if we must.  There are many different reasons why we believe this that I will not go into here.  As part of my preparedness, I decided we need to raise our own chickens and have our own eggs.

I feel this not only to be prepared, but I am also sick of giving my money to the big food corporations that are mistreating animals and pumping our foods with poisons.  But, that is also something I will not go into now.

I searched around a bit to see what breeds we wanted to raise.  I am always the type to do different than what everyone else does.  So I did not want any White Leghorns or Rhode Island Reds.  The local farm that I found, The Bradley Farm, had the perfect breeds for me.

I really wanted a Salmon Faverolles.  The Bradley Farm sold those, along with some other heritage breeds.  Orpingtons were on my list of a breed to have because of their tendency to be mild natured and great with kids.  But since I like the rare, I wanted the Lavendar Orpingtons.

Our first trip to the farm we brought four chicks home.  I got two Salmon Faverolles, a Dorking and an Exchequer Leghorn.  In the picture above, the only one that you can tell apart is the Dorking.  The rest are yellow chicks.

We decided that we needed a few more, and Hubby wanted a duck.  Our second trip brought home two Lavendar Orpingtons and a Khaki Campbell duckling.  We did end up adding two Americaunas but they both turned out to be roosters and I got rid of them.  You may see them in some photos.

We kept all of them in a dog kennel that we modified to use for the chickens.  Hubby drilled holes in the side so that we were able to slide a pole through and hang the heat lamp from the top.  The kennel was large enough that the chicks could get out of the heat if they needed.  We kept them in our house until they were fully feathered.

Kennel with the chicks. As you can see, the cats also enjoyed the chicks.

Moving them into their coop was nerve-wracking for me.  I spent I don’t even know how many nights sleeping with the bedroom window open so I could hear if something happened.

The cats were very curious about those feather-skipping aliens that entered into their territory.  But, they took advantage of the heat lamp. In the picture, there are 3 cats sleeping on top of the chick pen.  The one on the end, Jerry, is our chicken watcher.  He actually sits with them in the backyard and just hangs out with them.  We’ve watched him, and one other of our cats, Feisty, round up the chickens and send them into the backyard when they show up out front.

Today, five months after our first chick purchase, we are up to 13 chicks/pullets/hens/roosters and three ducks; a hen, a duckling and a mallard.  We have one large egg that is layed every morning.  Since the hen has started laying, we have only skipped about a week and a half.  Another hen started laying and they are quite small eggs.  This hen started out every other evening, and has now worked into almost every night.

I have many more stories to share, and photos as well.  But I really should save some for future posts.  Make sure you stick around so you can meet all of our feathered family members!

Hosting this on my blog Klucky Kitty Creations. Take a moment to check it out please. Pray over it. Thank you!

Klucky Kitty Creations

This year, Klucky Kitty Creations is sponsoring a family for Christmas.  I am very excited about it!  I enjoy the giving part of my creations so much!  But this year, I’ve decided to allow others to help, so I can really bless a family for Christmas this year that is in need of a blessing.

Before I introduce my family for this Christmas, I would like to explain how this will work.  I have a list of items that the family likes and a list of a few things that they are in need of.  I am opening this up to the public, asking for donations.

Donations can happen several ways.

  • Send money donations through Paypal to email address daintydecker@hotmail.com and MAKE SURE TO LABEL IT: MORGANSTERN FAMILY, 100% of the donations will be sent to the family
  • If you would like to send a gift card, email me…

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Extracting & Tingling

Extracting & Tingling

Yesterday afternoon, the kids and I tried our Nutribullet.  We had bought fresh veggies and fruits to use.  We picked out a lot of the same as we chose for when we juice.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Into the bullet went one stalk of kale, one carrot, blackberries, raspberries and half an orange.  We filled the cup with water to the line.  We put the cup on the bullet and voila! we’re extracting!  The first try told us that we needed to extract more, the chunks were unpleasant.  It was also quite bitter.  I added the other half of the orange, hoping to sweeten it up.  grrrrrrr  Back to my lips, and still chunky and a little sweeter.

I knew this wasn’t going to work, for me, or the kids.  We poured out just a little bit down the sink.  Just enough room to put in a tomato.  This time, I let it extract for a while.

The mixture was almost to a flavor where I could stand to drink it, but I think it needed one more tomato.

By this time though, my lips are tingling and feeling funny.  Oh great, I wonder which one it was now.  More than likely the kale, since spinach does that.  But who knows.

The kids wouldn’t touch it after their first tiny tiny sip, so I dumped it.  Ugh……organic fruits and veggies, down the drain.

I decided the next time I use it, I’m only using the fruits.  Maybe the carrots also.  But no greens!  That was just not good.  I prefer drinking it from the juicer really.

I was too busy this week getting ready for Thanksgiving, (which is today so Happy Thanksgiving!), to call the dr and make myself an appointment.  I really need to see an allergist though.  *sigh*